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Evidence for Eternity/ Atlantis

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In the first half, Mark Anthony, the "Psychic Lawyer," a psychic medium who specializes in communication with spirits, discussed his latest work finding evidence for eternity, and bridging the gap between scientific and spiritual worlds. The spirit realm or the 'Other Side' appears to exist parallel to our world-- "it's a lot like AM and FM radio, they're both frequencies and amplitudes and they run parallel to each other, but occasionally they overlap," he suggested. What we can see with our eyes is such a small percentage of what is actually out there in the electromagnetic spectrum, he added.

One of Anthony's goals is to remove the fear and superstition from spirit communication, which he believes has a scientific/physiological explanation, and is connected with the pineal gland. Mediums aren't just talking to spirits, they're receiving messages from a parallel dimension, he continued. Anthony also spoke about the notion of karma, and how people's action have repercussions-- there are many different levels to the Other Side, as well as reincarnational paybacks.


In the latter half, author and expert in ancient civilizations, Mark Adams, talked about his four-year search to find the truth behind the Atlantis legends, traveling to eight countries on three continents. He noted that Plato was the first to speak of the island nation, dating it to around 9600 BC. He said it was a sophisticated maritime culture, with armaments, ships, and chariots, and offered some geographic clues as to its location. While some have claimed that Plato's tale was a practical joke or the first "science-fiction," Adams finds that explanation implausible, as Plato was one of the greatest thinkers in history, and had just completed one of his most esteemed dialogues, The Republic, around the time of his Atlantis writings.

Through his research, Adams narrowed down the location of Atlantis to four possibilities--

  • 1) Southern Spain- a German physicist published an article in the journal Antiquity about 10 years ago, pointing out how in satellite photos you can see shapes that correspond to Plato's descriptions, near the Straits of Gilbraltar.
  • 2) Malta-- this island has the oldest temples in the Mediterranean (some are 1,000 years older than the Great Pyramid at Giza). Around 2,500 BC, their civilization was destroyed suddenly.
  • 3) Santorini-- in 1967, the Aegean Sea island was discovered to have the remains of a maritime city underneath its ash from a previous volcanic explosion.
  • 4) Southwest Morocco at the Atlantic Ocean-- this location was proposed by German researcher Michael Hubner, who used computer algorithms based on Plato's geographic descriptions.

Adams also found interesting mathematical correlations between Plato's information about Atlantis, and Pythagoras's work on numerology.

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