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Giants & Little People

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Mixing together an examination of legends and fairy tales, as well as modern sightings, author and researcher Steve Quayle discussed his latest work on little people or elves, as well as giants. "It's my contention that truly the gates of Hell are opening now, or have opened, and the supernatural phenomena that people are experiencing is only getting worse," he commented, adding that he connected creatures such as the giants and little people to demonic sexualized entities such as the incubus and succubus. "Whether you're dealing with the little creatures, or the tricksters, or the goblins... or the djinn, you're dealing with some of the most malevolent entities," and some very well-known authors have believed in them such as Arthur Conan Doyle and Robert Louis Stevenson, he cited.

There are many tales of leprechauns or elves in the British Isles, and according to legend they could not achieve invisibility without their little caps, he reported. According to lore, part of their sinister agenda, which he related to modern accounts of alien abduction, involved child stealing, and the replacement of a child with a "changeling." Quayle views these various entities as being other-dimensional or supernatural rather than extraterrestrial. They can change their DNA or form, and move through different dimensions of matter, such as coming through a rock, he outlined.

The Nephilim or fallen angels, as described in the Red Sea scrolls, can also transform themselves as shape-shifters and have corrupted both the human and animal genomes, Quayle said. Regarding giants, he talked about witnesses on the island of Sardinia who saw 18 ft. skeletons removed by helicopter. Whenever evidence for giants are found, whether in Antarctica or South America, a team always shows up to cart off or cover-up the evidence, he noted. Quayle also touched on biblical prophecy and end times, and shared his dire view of America's future as a country split up and damaged by ideology, attacks, and natural disasters.

Alchemy & Transformation

First hour guest, author and therapist Karen Dahlman spoke about her recent work on the secret teachings of alchemy as they relate to personal transformation. She explained how she uses the Ouija board to tap into spirit guides and communications that shed light on esoteric spiritual understanding. "I really want to help people look at their lives as a process of alchemy" in that they have the ability to shape and give their lives meaning with both seen and unseen forces, she remarked.

News segment guests: Lauren Weinstein, John M. Curtis

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