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Planet X/ State of Jefferson

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In the first half, Bob Fletcher, a retired investigative researcher who conducted a probe into the CIA's involvement in US drug trade, spoke about the return of Planet X (Nibiru), how money has been secretly siphoned out of budgets to prepare for it, and the coming global cataclysm. According to his information, Planet X was first discovered in 1983 by infrared telescopes and appeared to be on an inbound trajectory. Since then, the United States has built numerous underground facilities (such as at Cheyenne Mountain), which will be offered as a survival option to only an elite few, he stated. China has reportedly also completed the construction of underground facilities.

Operation Jade Helm 15, a military-law enforcement exercise coming later this year, is a dry run for "martial law," and is being conducted as a test for how to deal with the public when they learn about Nibiru's impending arrival, Fletcher contended.

The rogue planet will first be visible as a new star-- it's been calculated to be five times the size of Earth, and has several attached moons-- and will arrive possibly in December 2015, with its closest approach during March-April of 2016, he suggested, adding that the timing could be one year later. Solar flares connected with Nibiru's passage could wipe out all electronic devices, and a multitude of large meteorites hitting the oceans will cause immeasurable tsunamis, he added.


Appearing during the third hour, former airline captain Mark Baird discussed his work trying to establish the state of Jefferson in Northern California, which could become the 51st state of the USA. Baird is following in the footsteps of Assemblyman Stan Statham, who in 1992, rallied 27 out of 31 counties to vote to leave the state of California, but the Senate didn't bring the bill out of committee at the time. "People are tired of being subjugated by a government from afar...What we need to do is to restore liberty and a constitutional republic to a small rural state," so citizens can have a say about how their lives are conducted, and their money is spent, he said. If the current counties that have shown interest in the idea were to form a separate state, they would have a population of around 1 million, and be economically viable, he argued. For more, check out this video report.

The last hour of the show featured Open Lines.

News segment guests: Dr. Peter Breggin, Mike Bara

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