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Mind Control/ Open Lines

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Date Host Richard Syrett
Guests Marie D. Jones, Open Lines

Filling in for George, Richard Syrett welcomed author specializing in the paranormal, metaphysics and conspiracies, Marie D. Jones, for a discussion on topics related to mind control. "We have people trying to come up with new and improved ways to make us behave certain ways as a population," Jones said, noting how social engineering is used to control groups of people. She talked about a form of psychological abuse called 'gaslighting' that narcissists use to instill anxiety and confusion in their victims. Jones traced the beginnings of the CIA's mind control program, Project MKUltra, to what was learned from foreign mind control specialists gathered through Operation Paperclip.

Torture is the main method for breaking down someone's mind, she continued. Program such as MKUltra sought to destroy a subject's original personality and replace it with an alternate one, such as assassin or spy, which could be triggered whenever needed. "They make sure that through the hypnosis the alters don't remember what they've done," Jones revealed. Sirhan Sirhan's defense claimed he was under the influence of hypnosis, possibly a victim of MKUltra, when he fired his weapon at Robert F. Kennedy, she added.

Jones outlined the different levels of programming an alter and shared story of mind control victim Carol Rutz. According to Jones, Rutz was turned over as a child by her grandfather to be subjected to electroshock therapy, drugs, trauma, and sensory deprivation, in order to split her personality and create a kind of Manchurian candidate. Jones believes MKUltra's mind control research continued after it was 'shutdown' by Congress in 1964. Today, the program targets individual test subjects utilizing microwave and electronic harassment, as well as voice-to-skull technology, which she suggested could explain some cases of schizophrenia.


The second half of the program featured Open Lines. Lee in Los Angeles claimed to have been a victim of gang stalking since 2011. According to Lee, a police helicopter light followed him while he was riding his bike one evening, a siren sounded for three weeks every time he stepped into his shower, and a flood lamp was routinely blasted into his apartment windows. Carlos from Carson, California, phoned in to share his theory that a former MKUltra psychiatrist/program can be traced to numerous murderers, including Jack Ruby, Sirhan Sirhan, Charles Mason, the Son of Sam (David Richard Berkowitz), and the Columbine killers. Tom in Taft, California, told Richard he has been a targeted individual of gang stalking ever since he had a falling out with individual in Chicago.



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