Crop Circles

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Crop Circles

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Host Richard Syrett welcomed crop circle investigator Patty Greer for a discussion on the latest developments in crop formation research and how she thinks the phenomenon may change the course of human history forever. Since the 1980s about a 150 documented crop circles have appeared every year in various places around the world, she reported, noting that more than half of those show up in Wiltshire, England. According to Greer, Wiltshire has become the epicenter of crop circles because it is positioned atop the largest salt water aquifer in the world and is located at the convergence of several ley lines.

Greer shared her 2007 experience in a formation at Sugar Hill, where she claims to have seen transparent round plasma in the sky and energy radiating off of trees. Being inside a crop circle is where I receive messages, she said, adding that the energy of a formation causes her hair to stand on end and tingles the top of her head. Greer believes crop circles are physical evidence of communications from other entities/dimensions. "Crop circle messages are going to be different from everybody looking at them... and everyone's correct," she revealed. They are compressed files of ancient symbols placed in fields for humans and extraterrestrials, she added. Greer also detailed her theory about how balls of light may be involved in the creation of crop circles.

Longevity Research

In the first hour of the program, David Kekich, President of the Maximum Life Foundation, talked about his work with longevity, life extension, anti-aging research, and why he believes that we all will be living much longer lives. According to Kekich, the first person that will live to 1,000 years old has already been born. "In the future we're actually going to be able to rejuvenate people and that future may be a whole lot sooner than any of us realize," he predicted. Kekich referenced the work of biomedical gerontologist Aubrey de Grey, who has developed a workable strategy for rejuvenation and repair of the human body. Two key technologies, artificial intelligence and gene therapy, will contribute greatly to reversing the aging process, he revealed. Gene therapy will one day allow for telomeres to be reset which can extend lifespan, Kekich added.

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