Anomalous Metal, UFOs, & Spiritual Interventions

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Anomalous Metal, UFOs, & Spiritual Interventions

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Earthfiles investigative reporter, Linda Moulton Howe shared reports on a top secret lab presentation on a piece of metal that allegedly came from the Roswell UFO crash, a loud strange sound combined with UFO activity, and spiritual interactions that seem to help or save people in need. She interviewed Timothy Wayne Durham, who described his father's (Joe D. Durham) firsthand account of studying exotic technology at Lockheed Martin, Sunnyvale, California, in 1970-1971. According to his father's account, a square piece of metal tested in the LM lab could be wadded up like tinfoil and then return to its original state, just like reports of metal found at the Roswell crash. Further, when applying an acetylene torch to the metal square until it burned orange-white, at least 2,000 degrees F., the engineers could hold the metal in their hands without burning because the metal never felt more than warm. More here.

On April 19, 2015, in more than a dozen cities in southern Wisconsin, hundreds of residents called police and media about hearing a very loud strange sound "like a jet engine acceleration combined with thunder that lasted for at least 2 minutes." The Wisconsin sound is similar to another linked to delta-shaped UFOs that a Rhode Island retired Dept. of Defense administrator heard and reported to police in January 2011, because the delta-shaped aircraft were flying near the roof top of his house, had bizarre large, round red lights, and he had the distinct impression that the roar-thunder sound was "being broadcast artificially — definitely not a terrestrial F-14 or F-15." The witness "John Smith" also described the appearance of a mysterious "bright, white ball of light" that flew parallel to the craft. Further info.

In March, 2015, four police officers were dispatched to a submerged car in Spanish Forks, Utah River, and as they waded out into the frigid river, they all heard a female voice call out, "Help me, help us." The policemen discovered that the female driver was dead, but a baby girl was in the backseat car carrier. The 18-month-old baby had been hanging upside down about 8 inches above 40 degrees F. water for 14 hours. Was the dead mother in another dimension able to protect her 18-month-old daughter during the cold night, and call out to the police officers?, Linda pondered. She interviewed a Utah NDE survivor, Jeffrey Olsen, whose already-dead wife in another dimension appeared before a nurse and doctor and helped to keep him alive after he was seriously injured in a car accident. More. Linda also spoke with author John Geiger about the guardian angel phenomenon or "Third Man Factor."

Mysterious Lake Vostok

First hour guest, author Steve Alten talked about the mysterious subglacial Lake Vostok in Antarctica, which is six thousand square miles, and over a thousand feet deep. There is a magnetic anomaly in the lake that has a 65 mile radius-- theories to explain it include a sunken 'Atlantis'-type temple, and the remains of an ET ship. Alten explored the latter theory in his new novel, Vostok (view trailer) in which he also incorporated background material on extraterrestrial contact from Steven Greer.

News segment guests: Chris Geo, Steve Kates, Peter Davenport


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In tandem with her reports on the 4/30/15 show, Linda Moulton Howe shares this illustration. Caption: Making an abnormal, deep, bass roar "like pretending to be an (on right) F-14-type jet," a long triangular aircraft with two red, circular lights on its base and moving parallel with a ball of white light, flew low over the North Kingston, Rhode Island, house of a retired Dept. of Defense administrator on January 23, 2011. As the estimated 50-foot-long aircraft with no afterburner flew east towards Block Sound and the Atlantic Ocean, the "jet mimic" and the white ball of light separated and traveled in two different directions over the ocean. Illustration for Earthfiles by retired DoD administrator. F-14 image by USAF.

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