Remote Viewing Journey

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Remote Viewing Journey

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Dave Schrader (email) welcomed former police officer/instructor and human performance technologies expert, John Herlosky, who discussed his journey from complete skeptic in the power of consciousness related phenomena to an operational remote viewer, and the turmoil he felt as his long-held beliefs clashed with the powerful implications of his new experiences. "I never looked upon anything regarding psychics, or psychic ability or ESP, as anything other than a flight of fantasy," he explained, adding how even as a skeptic he remained open-minded. Herlosky said he became interested in the Project Stargate remote viewing program after reading Psychic Warrior by David Morehouse.

He defined remote viewing as a scientifically validated form of ESP which allows a viewer to extend his consciousness in space and time to observe persons, places, and events outside of normal modes of perception and undiminished by shielding or distance. Herlosky traced a brief history of how the CIA became involved in psychic spying. "They found after experimentation that there was something to this, that it could actually be used as an intelligence asset," he explained. According to Herlosky, although no one knows why or how it works, remote viewing is a real human ability innate to everyone.

Herlosky spoke about his training, first hits, and how he has recently been using remote viewing to work on MIA/POW issues with author and former intelligence officer Amy Waters Yarsinske. The United States government claims it no longer has a psychic spying program but a number of original members of Project Stargate still use remote viewing under operational conditions, he revealed, pointing to early remote viewer Joe McMoneagle as an example. Herlosky also spoke about how remote viewers have the ability to influence the output of electronic devices to present false information to the enemy.

A Daughter's Miraculous Healing

First hour guest, Christy Beam, shared the inspiring story of her daughter Annabel's miraculous healing. She said her daughter was diagnosed with a severe and crippling digestive disorder with little hope for a normal healthy life. One day Annabel fell 30 feet into a hollowed out tree and went unresponsive for several hours, Beam recounted, noting how her daughter eventually came around and assisted in her own rescue. According to Beam, Annabel was uninjured from the fall, claimed to have visited heaven during time she was stuck in the tree, and was sent back completely healed of the symptoms of her chronic disease.

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