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Planet X/ Enclosed Earth Theory

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In the first half, author and publisher Marshall Masters provided updates on Nibiru (Planet X), and touched on such topics as chemtrails, and survival communities. What's referred to as Planet X is actually a mini-constellation around a brown dwarf star in our own solar system that is on a 3,600 year orbit, he suggested. Right now, it's located on the opposite side of the sun, beyond the orbit of Jupiter, but as it reaches its closest distance to the sun it will accelerate, and cross over Earth's orbit. If our planet happens to be on the same side of the sun when that happens--- that's a worst case scenario that happened last at the time of Noah's flood, he stated.

Interestingly, Masters believes Nibiru was actually picked up on camera during an early morning TV newscast in Sacramento, in which the reporters were perplexed by what they were seeing. The effects from Nibiru's passage could be devastating he said, with a likely pole shift, and huge tsunamis slamming the coastlines. In a corollary to Bible prophecy, as Nibiru passes between Earth and the sun, it will cause days of darkness, and literally block out the sun, he added. Regarding weather modification and chemtrails, the elite may be doing it to create a mini-ice age, in advance of Planet X, which will cause the planet to heat up, he theorized. Masters said he's working on building a survival community that will broadcast information via shortwave broadcasts after the grid is knocked out.


In the latter half, professional game tester and proprietary software trainer Mark K. Sargent discussed his breakthrough work on the Enclosed Earth Theory. He outlined clues that point to the idea that Earth is actually a "Truman Show"-type contained system stretching thousands of miles wide, and 400 miles high. His interest in this theory developed out of studying "flat earth" conspiracies, which seemed absurd at first. One source, who said he used to work for NASA, claimed that the space agency knows that Earth isn't really shaped like a globe, Sargent reported.

Sargent's Enclosed World model differs from 'flat earth' theories in that he envisions a gigantic, but specific enclosure that stretches high enough to include weather systems. The moon and sun are not what we think they are-- they're actually much smaller spheres, like huge light bulbs, that are much closer to us than the distances NASA has suggested, according to the theory. Space missions such as to the moon and Mars could be faked, he added. Sargent also shared data from Admiral Byrd's expeditions to Antarctica-- he did numerous missions there over a 30-year period, and there's possible evidence to suggest he found something that correlates with or reveals the 'Enclosed World' secret.

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