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Palmistry/ Open Lines

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In the first half of the program, host Richard Syrett welcomed founder and director of the Palmistry Institute, Vernon Mahabal, who discussed the practice of palm reading. "Your entire astrological chart is contained within the palm of your hand," he declared, calling palmistry "the most thorough and complete divination tool." According to Mahabal, the practice can provide not only insights into a person's ideal job, living location, and relationship status, but also deeper revelations including what their soul "has been searching for lifetimes after lifetimes." Additionally, he claimed that fingerprints store information about the psychology, character, inclinations, and intentions of each individual.

Based on his extensive research into palmistry, Mahabal observed that, over the last fifty years, a trend has emerged where palm readings have shown that people seem to have a greater spiritual connection and strive to "continue the life purpose" of their grandparents rather than their parents. He contrasted this to what he has seen from far older palm prints which showed a more directly sequential generational thread. Looking ahead to the future, Mahabal noted that the palms of young people today suggest that they are more gentle than their predecessors and also work better in teams and communities. The latter attribute should prove to be helpful, he said, since he foresees the dominance of the federal government giving way to a more localized system of states and provinces.


During Open Lines, Carlos in California put forward the theory that his state's crippling drought is not a purely natural occurrence and is, in fact, the result of nefarious government forces manipulating the weather via projects like HAARP. The reasoning behind this orchestration, he surmised, is to condition people to living with less food and water. "This whole thing is about the depopulation of the world," Carlos lamented, "and in order to get to that point, we have to be conditioned, gradually, to live with less." On a somewhat similar note, Wayne in Chicago observed that "when you're born on this planet, you're already born into a brainwashing machine" and, therefore, its the responsibility of parents to keep their kids from picking up negative influences that surround them all the time.

Later in the program, Mike in Livermore, California shared a remarkable story of secret tunnels beneath Stonehenge. He explained that his brother's work as an artist documenting Nebraska's 'Carhenge' attraction led to him befriending a man who worked at the famous esoteric landmark in England. At the behest of this man, Mike's brother journeyed to England to visit the monument and was rewarded with "a tour underneath Stonehenge" where he explored an array of underground tunnels which are kept hidden from the public. "He said it was just amazing," Mike recalled, speculating that the tunnels are remnants from the original construction and habitation at Stonehenge.

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