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In the first half, registered pharmacist and nutritionist Benjamin Fuchs discussed alternatives to prescription drugs, such as foods, nutritional supplements, and physical strategies to better treat diseases and maintain well being. He noted that Alzheimer's has lately been referred to by some as Type 3 diabetes, and that control of blood sugar is one of the most important things you can do to handle diseases of any kind. Many foods nowadays have added sugar, and are depleted of needed nutrients, he commented, but laying off insulin spiked foods such as deserts, pastas, and soda will help to keep blood sugar stable, and certain foods and supplements can reduce sugar cravings. Something as simple as a niacin deficiency can cause memory problems, he added.

One of the most vital health issues has to do with digestion, and the importance of having healthy gut bacteria, he stated. These healthy bacteria, which can been found in fermented foods and probiotic supplements, help us digest fat, make vitamins, and detoxify cancer-causing substances, he continued. People can free themselves from the "medical model" of illness, and the pharmaceutical treadmill by doing such things as "practicing deep breathing techniques, by eating more protein and fat and getting micronutrients, by stabilizing the digestive caloric restriction, [and] by activating the healing nerve system...through massage, hot water, meditation, and Reiki," he advised.


In the latter half, author and writer Robert Crane spoke about his father, actor Bob Crane, who achieved fame as a TV star, before being murdered under mysterious circumstances in 1978. His father got his start as a comedic on-air personality on Los Angeles morning radio before landing parts in various sitcoms, and eventually starring on Hogan's Heroes on CBS. After the series ended in 1971, Bob's career waned somewhat, and he started touring on the dinner theater circuit. His good friend John Carpenter (not the director) set him up with home video equipment, which he used to record his sexual escapades with numerous women.

Robert recounted that his father had decided to part ways with Carpenter, and they were overhead having a loud argument at a night club shortly before Crane was bludgeoned to death with what was thought to be a camera tripod. Carpenter was finally brought to trial some 16 years after the murder, but was acquitted, as the evidence was found to be inconclusive. "Carpenter had the means and the opportunity," but his step-mother, Patty, had the motive, Robert remarked on the still unsolved case. He also shared stories about his own career as a writer, working for Playboy Magazine, and interviewing such people as Jack Nicholson. Interestingly, Robert portrayed a journalist in the 2002 film Auto Focus, in which he interviews Greg Kinnear playing the role of his father.

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