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Date Host George Knapp
Guests Bill Grabowski, Nick Redfern

Author and researcher Bill Grabowski joined George Knapp in the first half to discuss his exploration of the work of John Keel and the Mothman incidents, which involved anomalous aerial phenomena, Men in Black (MIB), and bizarre electromagnetic intrusions. When Grabowski was ten years old growing up in a suburb of Cleveland, he had his own encounter with a bird-like creature that was similar to Mothman descriptions. In addition to Mothman, Keel reported on a large bird-like creature that was seen in Beaver, PA-- when hunting dogs were sent off after it, they were said to retreat in terror. During the two-year period that sightings were most intense in the Point Pleasant, WV area beginning in 1966, there were 100 documented witnesses of the Mothman entity, leading up to the collapse of the Silver Bridge, Grabowski recounted.

During this time frame, there were also UFO sightings that occurred at regular intervals, and visitations of the curious Men in Black, looking and behaving oddly. Keel received unexplained phone calls from metallic sounding voices, one informed him that his missing stopwatch could be found in his closet (which turned out to be correct). While Grabowski believes there were definitely some paranormal/anomalous events taking place in Point Pleasant, he thinks that the government/military may have been seizing the opportunity to test out secret aerial technologies as well as use the MIBs as spies.


Author and ufologist Nick Redfern followed in the second half, addressing the hidden, overlooked, and buried history of humankind from ancient aliens to the New World Order. There are stories of ancient nuclear war in the Mahabharata, the Sanskrit epic of India, that describe mighty flying vessels (vimanas) that unleashed powerful weapons accompanied by bright lights that destroyed cities, with troops falling sick in the aftermath. In the Middle East, fused glass has been found that could be the by-product of an atomic explosion, he added. Looking at the cattle mutilation mystery, he suggested that while there may be a connection to UFOs, it could also be related to monitoring viruses in the food chain.

He spoke about the enduring mystery of the Jack the Ripper case. For years, there were tales of a cover-up, but the latest evidence points toward a mentally ill man named Aaron Kosminski, whose DNA was found on the clothing of one of the victims. Redfern shared new info from the FBI file of L. Ron Hubbard (the creator of Scientology), which revealed that someone broke into his home in the 1950s and injected him with an unknown substance. MK-ULTRA, or other another covert group might have been behind this, Redfern speculated. He also suggested that the killers of Robert Kennedy and John Lennon could have been part of mind control operations, carrying out the agenda of nefarious elite groups.



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