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Haunted Wisconsin / Open Lines

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First hour guest Craig Nehring, founder of the Fox Valley Ghost Hunters based in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, discussed some of his group's paranormal investigations. In one of the team's most fascinating and frightening cases, a young girl claimed her sister was being dragged down the stairs by something in the middle of the night and thrown against the walls. According to Nehring, equipment readings for the house were normal but when they started asking the entity questions the sister was thrown off the couch onto the floor.

The same thing happened in the sister's bedroom after Bible passages were read, he continued. A priest later determined she was possessed and an exorcism was performed. It took five people to hold her down while the priest read passages, Nehring reported, noting how her eyes rolled back into her head and her voice changed. "What I heard come out of her mouth was not her voice at all and it said, 'I do not serve you,'" he recalled. Nehring also covered the restoration project of the haunted Summerwind mansion.

In the second hour, Kevin Melek & Jennifer Scelsi of Northern Wisconsin Paranormal Society talked about their ghosthunting adventures. Scelsi, who knew she was a medium at four years old, said her physical psychic medium abilities allow her to see and hear spirits and angels. Melek shared a frightening UFO experience as well as a Sasquatch sighting he had in his early twenties. "After having experiences I realized these things are real," he said.

Scelsi detailed a medium walk she took through a house in Florida that was infested by demons. According to Scelsi, a large black shadowy mass picked her up and threw her across the room into a wall. It was a high-ranking demon and the owners, who were practicing Satanists, had intentionally brought it there, she revealed. Melek spoke about Summerwind mansion, which he described as a good notable haunted place to do paranormal training with new investigators. He suggested occult activities likely go on there.


During Open Lines, Jason in Indiana recounted the night he and his brother were visited by their grandfather. Jason said he later found out his grandfather had passed away in the middle of the night—the same evening they were visited by him. Jason remembered the door to their bedroom opening, his grandfather entering and sitting on the bed, and being told they would not see him anymore.

Neeko in North Carolina said his family's previous rental house was "considerably haunted." We would hear voices, see anomalies on video recorded in the home, and a few visitors were scratched under mysterious circumstances, he explained, noting one neighbor had what appeared to be claw marks on her body. Ryan from Montana told George about seeing strange pulsing lights in the sky near the Idaho National Laboratory. "They're probably working on some crazy stuff out there," he suggested.

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