Cybersecurity Extortion/ C2D1 Haunting

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Cybersecurity Extortion/ C2D1 Haunting

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In the first half, whistleblower and former CEO of a medical laboratory Michael Daugherty discussed how his company, LabMD, faced extortion from a cybersecurity company, followed by a court case against the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). In 2010, the cybersecurity company Tiversa contacted LabMD to tell them that there'd been a security breach and that 9,000 files including clients' names, social security numbers, and medical diagnoses had been hacked. But Daugherty realized it was a scam operation by Tiversa-- they were the ones who hacked into LabMD and were trying to force his company to hire them to respond to the breach.

When Daugherty refused to hire them, Tiversa went to the FTC to tip them off about the "data breach." Subsequently, the FTC filed charges against LabMD, when they refused to sign a "consent decree"-- a plea deal that includes years of audits. The FTC used my company as a stepping stone to build common law, Daugherty complained, so they could increase their jurisdiction over the cybersecurity regulation of medicine. His subsequent book, The Devil Inside the Beltway, serves as an exposé of the government's questionable practices, and his ongoing David vs. Goliath battle with them.


Chris DiCesare was a normal college student in the 1980s until a series of events began to unfold in his dorm room, C2D1 Erie Hall at SUNY Geneseo in New York state, which came to be known as the C2D1 Haunting. In the show's latter half, he related the strange events that he and his college mates experienced as they interacted with a spirit they identified as "Tommy" beginning in February 1985. Initially, he heard whispering voices, even as he listened to music over headphones. Then, he actually saw a specter, a young man around 15 or 20, who would have passed for a normal human, if he hadn't seen his legs going through the stereo.

While showering one day, he saw a silhouette on the bathroom wall, and was then attacked, with three visible scratches appearing from his neck to waist. Chris and his roommate decided to call in local clergy and wanted to present evidence of the ghost-- what came out was an odd skeletal image. Other people in the dorm also experienced or heard the apparition, and one student who reportedly heard the apparition call out Chris' name, ended up committing suicide. DiCesare said an audio recording was made in his room of a strange sounding voice saying "help me." Shortly before he moved out of the dorm, he interacted with the spirit, asking it to leave. The C2D1 events were depicted as part of the SyFy series, 'School Spirits,' in the episode Dorm Room Nightmare.

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