Secret Door: Birthday Edition

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Secret Door: Birthday Edition

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Who was behind the secret door? As George celebrated his birthday, he welcomed seven favorite C2C regulars throughout the night. In order of appearance, we heard from David Paulides, Richard C. Hoagland, Robin Falkov, L.A. Marzulli, Ian Punnett (Twitter), Graham Hancock, and Lionel Fanthorpe. Paulides reported on the mysterious 2011 disappearance of Daniel Trask, who vanished in the wilds of Temagami back country in Ontario. His coat and pants were found turned inside out on the upper banks of a lake, while his knapsack, and skull were eventually found in separate locations, each around three miles away from the clothes.

George was unable to recognize Richard Hoagland's voice as he initially came through the Secret Door speaking in a falsetto. Hoagland noted that it was the 60-year anniversary of the start of atomic clock, which has allowed for more precise timekeeping. Following him, Robin Falkov expressed concern about the looming trade deals, which if passed, could supersede the laws of a country.

Next through the door, L.A. Marzulli effected a humorous Peter Lorre-style voice, but George was still able to identify him. Marzulli talked about his new interview with a Native-American war chief, who shared accounts passed down through generations about ancient, evil giants. George was stumped by the next person through the door, who did a credible vocal impersonation of Bill Clinton. It turned out to be none-other-than former C2C host, Ian Punnett, who offered updates about his life in Phoenix, where he's in the PhD program at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication. He said he's researching the topic of true crime for his dissertation.

Graham Hancock spoke about his forthcoming book, Magicians of the Gods, a sequel of sorts to his classic Fingerprint of the Gods. He also recounted his recent debate with Zahi Hawass that turned into a debacle. Last through the door was Lionel Fanthorpe who shared lore of mysterious black dogs. In one case, a dog was seen running along a road surface that wasn't there anymore-- his feet were about six inches above the road!

Love & Numbers

First hour guest, numerologist Glynis McCants talked about the numerology of romance. She is writing a blog for, and people can contact her about whether a potential match has compatible numbers. She stressed the importance of finding a partner with shared or common interests, and also noted that according to numerology, people can have more than one soul mate.

News segment guests: Lauren Weinstein, Peter Davenport

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