Encounters with Strange Entities

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Encounters with Strange Entities

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Host Connie Willis (email) welcomed paranormal researcher David Weatherly for a discussion on encounters with strange entities, which have been reported throughout the ages involving the djinn, shadow people, the grinning man, pukwudgies, and black-eyed children. He shared a case from 1966, when two young men in New Jersey claimed to have come face-to-face with a figure wearing a large belt and huge bizarre grin. Weatherly recalled his own encounter on a back country road with a similar character, also donning a noticeable belt and impossibly large grin. "Time seemed to slow down as we approached this figure," he said, noting how UFO activity may be connected to appearances of grinning men.

Weatherly detailed the history of the Middle Eastern djinn, which he described as sinister beings created from smokeless flame who were exiled for refusing to accept the superiority of humankind. "I've spoken to a lot of soldiers who spent time in the Middle East who came back and started experiencing a wide range of paranormal phenomena," he disclosed, pointing out the activity may have been connected to items they brought back with them. Weatherly described the Tibetan concept of Tulpa—a being created from collective thoughts—and how it may explain the Slender Man. He also spoke about the history of electronic voice phenomena (EVP) as well as his investigation of the haunted Washoe Club, where a voice came through an ITC device (ghost box) and was recognized by someone in the group.

Montauk Project Update

In the first hour, Christopher Garetano, writer and director of the Montauk Chronicles, provided updates on the claim of some who say they were brainwashed and forced against their will by a clandestine organization to take part in secret experiments at the infamous base in Montauk, New York. "After years of researching... I believe something happened there," he said, speculating within five years the government will likely reveal, at least in part, what kind of research they were conducting at the base. According to Garetano, he has been contacted by a person who worked for a major chemical company that delivered a highly experimental alloy to Camp Hero between 1981 through 1984—after the Montauk base was supposedly shut down. He indicated the individual's story checks out and even backs up the account of former Montauk participant Preston Nichols. The person also claimed to have seen classified documents about the program, Garetano reported.

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