Population Control/ Symbolism in Cinema

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Population Control/ Symbolism in Cinema

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In the first half of the program, investigative journalist Jim Marrs discussed his latest work which details the global elite's most audacious plot yet: a conspiracy to reduce the world's population to 500 million people. The corporate owners want the population under control "and they're doing it through bad food, bad water, bad air; and they're spraying us with chemicals," he said, adding that it's really a kind of eugenics program. About 70% of the US water supply has poisonous fluoride in the water supply, and corporate processed foods lack nutrients and lead to obesity, he outlined. As an example of the elite's agenda, he cited Hillary Clinton, who has a penchant for natural foods for her own family, yet has advocated for GMOs, and one of the leading supporters for her 'Let's Go Hillary' campaign is a Monsanto lobbyist.

Glyphosate, a major ingredient in Monsanto's Roundup herbicide has been linked to the rising incidence of autism, Marrs stated, and alarmingly, at current rates, by 2025 one in every two children will be autistic. Further, conventional medical treatment is the third leading cause of death in the United States, just behind cancer and heart disease, he reported. Marrs noted how the preponderance of school shooters were taking psychotropic drugs, and that a certain percentage of people on these prescriptions have violent reactions. He also talked about the possibility of mind controlled assassins-- when Timothy McVeigh was first captured, he said he had a chip placed in him.


In the latter half, historian, antiquarian, theologian, writer, and lawyer, Robert W. Sullivan IV shared his fascination with secret societies and how their influence and symbolism permeates various aspects of society, especially in architecture and cinema. Sullivan's work revealed that Masonic philosophers were incorporating elements of the Book of Enoch (an ancient religious work dated as far back as 300 BC) into their rituals. One such ritual called "The Royal Arch of Enoch" was developed in France in the mid 1700's. The Book of Enoch was considered lost until Freemason and traveler James Bruce returned to Europe with copies from Ethiopia in 1773.

Sullivan pointed out fascinating bits of symbolism in a number of films and literary works. For instance, with the James Bond character, author Ian Fleming choose the 007 moniker as a reference to occult philosopher and alchemist John Dee, who was an advisor to Queen Elizabeth I. Fleming also befriended and worked with the famous occultist Aleister Crowley. There are connections to Egyptology and numerology in the Back to the Future trilogy, and the Osiris rebirth cycle is reenacted symbolically in parts II & III, he noted. In The Exorcist film, there is much symbolism to connect the savior-like Father Karras character to Jesus, such as the scene of him ascending the subway, with the sign for 33rd St. behind him (Jesus was 33 years old when crucified). For more, check out this short video clip from Sullivan.

News segment guests: John R. Lott, Dr. Peter Breggin, John M. Curtis

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