Energy Update/ Psychic Insights

Energy Update/ Psychic Insights


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsJohn Droz Jr., Joseph Jacobs

In the first half, founder of the Alliance for Wise Energy Decisions, John Droz Jr., discussed the science behind renewable energy and how the public and political perception of things like wind energy, global warming and rising ocean levels is often well-intentioned but misguided on the real scientific data. Further, lobbyists for powerful economic and political interests end up dictating energy policies that don't favor the interests of the public, he remarked, adding that this discourages people from bringing forward new energy sources. "I think we should be continually expanding...and innovating, trying new ideas out," with the caveat that any new method needs to be scientifically proven to have a net benefit before it's added to the grid, he suggested.

Regarding nuclear power, Droz favors developing it in a more decentralized manner with SMRs (small modular reactors)-- nuclear facilities that are the size of a backyard garden shed. The notion that some forms of energy are "free, clean & green" is more a marketing ploy than a scientific assessment, and in the case of wind energy, wholly inaccurate, he asserted. Wind energy is actually "horrifically polluting," as turbines depend on thousands of pounds of rare earth elements made in China, where the process for producing them is extraordinarily environmentally destructive, he explained.


In the latter half, psychic Joseph Jacobs, who has counseled over 15,000 people since 1982, shared his latest predictions for the future, and offered readings for callers. He recently looked at the city of Los Angeles, and California for the period running from the end of July through the beginning of September 2015, and saw heavy influences. There could be an earthquake in California, particularly in August, he said, adding that August will be a tough month worldwide with shipping and waterway problems, and huge amounts of flooding. There will also be weather issues in October, he said.

Regarding presidential candidates, Jeb Bush is on the upswing, and 2016 will be a powerful and successful cycle for him, he foresees. American Pharaoh, the racehorse that won the Triple Crown, is running at Santa Anita this week, but is vulnerable to harm until July 7th, he added. For more, check out Jacobs' new blog on

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