Bee Collapse, A.I., Time, & Area 51

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Bee Collapse, A.I., Time, & Area 51

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Earthfiles investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe discussed the ongoing loss of commercial honey bee hives in the US, the possible dangers from the rapid advances in A.I. and robotics, the notion that space and time is "an illusion," and strange aerial phenomena seen in the skies near Area 51. Dave Hackenberg, co-chairman of the National Honeybee Advisory Board, lamented that many beekeepers are now "losing 80% to 90% of their operation" due to Colony Collapse Disorder. Based on his experience, Hackenberg pointed to nicotine-based pesticides as the likely cause of the epidemic. While he was optimistic that pollinating insects like honeybees will ultimately survive, Hackenberg conceded that "I'm more worried about beekeepers facing extinction," due to the financial challenges posed to their businesses by CCD. More here.

Next, Linda shared her conversation with Royal Astronomer Martin Rees, who expressed concern about the development of artificial intelligence on par with humans. He explained that, since machines can 'think' faster than people, once a computer with a human level of intelligence is created, it will be able to conceive of improvements faster than we can comprehend or stop. "This is when machines will take over," he mused. However, Rees also put forward the theory that perhaps this development is part of a natural process where organic intelligence can only rise to the level where it creates machines which overtake it. Further info. Linda also spoke with Professor George Ellis of the University of Cape Town, South Africa, who detailed his "quantum collapse theory" which challenges Einstein's concepts surrounding the nature of time.

In her final segment, Linda played her interview with "Kelly," who witnessed strange aerial phenomena while serving as a security instructor at Creech AFB in Nevada. During a training exercise, Kelly and his students spotted a reddish light hovering in the sky about 30 miles away. Looking at it with a powerful spotting scope, he determined that this light was composed of four smaller lights which were alternating in color between red and orange. After observing the object for about five minutes, it simply faded and disappeared. "It was definitely a craft I have never seen before," he marveled. Kelly went on to recount how this event was merely one instance in a lifetime of ET interaction, including an encounter with a grey alien and a non-physical implant which was embedded in his head. More here.

Kenneth Arnold Anniversary

In the first hour, Shanelle Schanz talked about her grandfather, Kenneth Arnold, who on June 24, 1947 was the first pilot to report a UFO sighting, which led to the coining of the term 'flying saucers.' According to Schanz, Arnold first thought the UFOs he spotted in 1947 may have been Russian aircraft and, thus, he felt compelled to report the sighting. However, she revealed, towards the end of his life, Arnold came to the conclusion that these craft has a multidimensional origin. Since Arnold's sighting seemingly served as the start of the modern UFO era, Schanz likened the event to a spiritual experience and observed that "he felt like it was his purpose in life to figure out what it really was."

News segment guests: Howard Bloom & Catherine Austin Fitts


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