Shanelle Schanz

Shanelle Schanz


Shanelle Schanz is the granddaughter of Kenneth Arnold, the first pilot of the “modern UFO era," to experience a transcendent sighting of, “nine flying saucers” over Mt. Rainier on June 24, 1947. His home was Boise, Idaho, where Shanelle grew up. Shanelle is a prolific writer and philosopher believing in Omnism and that there is truth in all religions. Shanelle has had a passion for astrology. She also has an Associate Degree in Philosophy from the College of Western Idaho.

Shanelle has a Pharmacy Technician Certificate from Clark College in Vancouver, Washington, and is a proud mother and wife with two daughters. She has been a guest at “The Flying Saucer Party” in Chehalis, Washington every September, and experienced her own UFO sighting in Portland, Oregon. She has been a guest on shows and podcasts like "Universal Secrets” with Kevin Hale and a guest on Peter Robbin's “Meanwhile, Here on Earth” podcast. Shanelle has also republished her grandfather’s iconic book, "The Coming of The Saucers."


Past Shows:

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