Seal Team Six/ Ramtha & UFOs

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Seal Team Six/ Ramtha & UFOs

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In the first half of the program, former administrative law attorney at the Pentagon, Don Brown, discussed the mysterious helicopter crash which killed seventeen members of Navy SEAL Team Six that had killed Osama Bin Laden ninety days earlier. The large chopper, known as Extortion 17, was shot down in Afghanistan in 2011, near the Pakistan border, and was the largest single loss-of-life in the history of the US Navy SEALs. On the mission, the team was ostensibly looking for a Taliban operative. As the chopper approached for landing, Rules of Engagement prevented pre-suppression fire into the helicopter's landing zone prior to landing, even though Taliban were spotted moving towards the landing zone, Brown detailed.

Various foreign media outlets reported that the Taliban was tipped on the helicopter's landing zone, he continued, but the US military, in a possible cover-up, concluded in its subsequent investigation that there was no wrong-doing, and that the shoot-down was unavoidable. Among the mysteries in the case were claims that no black box was ever found for the helicopter, and bullets discovered in the bodies of two of the SEALs. Aboard the shot-down craft were seven Afghan soldiers, who possibly were undercover Taliban. They might have guided the chopper to the location where it was shot down, or sabotaged it from within, Brown conjectured.


In the latter half, founder and President of Ramtha's School of Enlightenment, JZ Knight, talked about her renewed interest in UFOs and their meanings, as well as insights from Ramtha, the entity whom she has channeled for decades. Ramtha said he lived as a human being 35,000 years ago on the ancient continent of Lemuria. His race and three other races from different parts of the galaxy were on Earth as part of a "Genesis project" to restore life on a damaged world, she explained. The Lemurians were the giants of their time, and Ramtha appears to her as a 7 ft. tall being, she said.

Ramtha describes something he calls "The Great Intimidation," in which UFOs will appear in the sky, simultaneously around the world from horizon to horizon. This will be instrumental in changing the structure of our societies and possibly halt a war in the Middle East, Knight suggested. She shared Ramtha's interpretation of the odd trumpet sounds people have been hearing around the world-- the cause is the sound made by cloaking devices on huge spaceships when they materialize or disappear. Ramtha also issued a prophecy that he would make a crop circle appear. According to Knight, such a formation occurred in Wiltshire, England in July 2011, featuring a pipe smoking alien and headdress with seven levels of consciousness (see Show Page graphic above). For more, check out this video clip of Ramtha speaking through Knight.

News segment guests: Jerome Corsi, Dr. Gary Ridenour

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