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In the first half of the program, registered pharmacist and nutritionist Ben Fuchs offered analysis on the latest developments in health news, supplementation, and treatments. We live in a "corporatocracy" that places its profit margin above people's health, yet we can oversee our health ourselves in a rather simple manner, he remarked. "At the end of the day, all you need to understand is how to eat correctly, how to breathe correctly, how to drink correctly, and in the abstract sense, how to think correctly, how to feel correctly," and how to plug into the spiritual force that runs the universe," he outlined. For example, as an alternative to a medication for lowering blood pressure, one could use deep breathing techniques or a hot bath, Fuchs suggested.

Most medical issues actually originate from stress, which takes the form of various physical problems, he asserted. To de-stress or even deal with a panic attack, Fuchs said that relaxing the breath is the key, with focusing on the exhale. Sugar, especially processed sugar, causes imbalances, and keeping amounts in the diet low helps to calm the system down, he observed. One of Fuchs' biggest frustrations is with the naysaying medical model that typically argues that supplements aren't effective. Mainstream medicine has "a fundamental misunderstanding with how nutrition works," he added.


In the latter half, psychic Linda Salvin detailed her work communicating with the Other Side, the walk-in phenomenon, and her latest adventures communicating with departed pets. She shared the story of surviving of a Boeing 737 crash in 1981, and how it awakened her dormant psychic abilities. It was during this experience that she became a "walk-in," in which one soul leaves and another comes in. This was a radical change for her, in which she suddenly became interested in spiritual and psychic matters, when previously she had a scientific background.

Eventually, Salvin discovered she had mediumistic and channeling abilities and was able to communicate with deceased loved ones, including pets. Animals have souls just like people, and they move on and evolve as human souls do, she explained. Often, people are reunited with their departed pet when they pass over, along with friends and loved ones, she reported. Salvin also discussed her friendship with the late occult practitioner Evelyn Paglini, and how she developed her own brand of Candle Magic, which has a different focus than Paglini's anointed candles.

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