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Unexplained Disappearances

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Researcher and author David Paulides has worked in law enforcement in the San Francisco Bay Area - on everything from street crimes, SWAT, and Vice, to a variety of assignments in the detective division. He's become an expert on the disproportionate number of mysterious disappearances happening in our national parks and discussed new hair-raising cases and the patterns associated with them. A recent case involves a two-year old boy, DeOrr Kunz, who vanished suddenly from a reservoir area in Idaho, when his grandparents looked away for a moment. The search continues, but they have no leads, and search dogs were not able to pick up a scent. In similar cases, the children are either found in water, or in a high altitude location that would seemingly be impossible for them to get to, he cited.

Paulides noted certain similarities in the DeOrr case to an incident more than 50 years ago that occurred in Mono Village in the California Sierras. A two-year old boy named David Scott disappeared 100 yards from his family's camper, and the Marines subsequently investigated a steep ridge, and found the boy dead behind a boulder, some 3,000 feet above the valley. There's no way a two-year old could have made it up that trail, and if he did, his walk would have been visible to everyone below, Paulides pointed out. Another recent case involved a 20 year-old hiker in Chilliwack, British Columbia who became separated from his group and was found dead in a boulder field-- a location that perplexed the search and rescue team. "Many, many times these victims are found in the middle [of] or around boulders," Paulides remarked.

So far, he's documented around 1,500-1,600 unexplained disappearance cases, and in about 20% of the incidents the people are found dead, but the majority of the time, the bodies are never found. When people are found alive, they're typically not able to adequately describe what happened, he said. There have been a number of cases where people were missing for around 8 days, and found without most of their clothes, yet they didn't have mosquito bites or a sunburn, he added. Paulides is currently collaborating with filmmakers to create a documentary about his investigations. Visit their Kickstarter campaign for further details.

Jade Helm Analysis

First hour guest, analyst Craig Hulet offered commentary on operation Jade Helm 15, a months-long multi-state military exercise that recently began in Texas. He views the operation as a test run for dealing with civil disturbances, which he predicts will happen in the US after an economic crash, similar to the one in Greece. There'll be a kind of "bail-in" that will enrage the public, with banks closing for a few days, and then re-opening with people's savings, checking, and pension accounts reduced by 10-20%, he warned.

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