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Jade Helm & Giants

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Author and researcher Steve Quayle discussed details of the Jade Helm 15 exercise going on right now and also covered his ongoing research into giants, including details on an expedition to South America, and manuscripts from the Conquistadors which have been hidden for 450 years, which mention 36-foot-tall giants. Jade Helm is a multifaceted operation aimed at scrutinizing the American people, but these efforts should actually be directed outside at the criminal element of illegal immigrants released from US prisons, he commented. "What's troubling to me about Jade Helm...is that it's designed to be a cover for the positioning of troops throughout the country," he said.

"Jade Helm," he continued, "is the military arm of the complete takeover through the identification and eradication of the American citizens...We've become a lawless nation now, and a nation that becomes lawless is capable of incredible and dangerous slaughter of its inhabitants." Further, he suggested that the New World Order/Global Elite are behind the recent cyber attacks and data breaches and this is part of their control scheme. Quayle also foresees a war between the US, China, and Russia, and an economic crash that ties in with biblical prophecy.

Researcher and writer Timothy Alberino (who is collaborating with Quayle on the documentary series, True Legends) joined the conversation for a segment to talk about his trip to Bolivia and Peru where he investigated evidence for giants. In the Cloud Forest in Peru, there are many accounts of giants and demonic entities, and farmers have reported finding their cows up in the trees, Alberino detailed. A Jesuit missionary in the 1600s described giants and their sizes-- with their elongated 'Conehead'-shaped skulls. Many of these giants were cannibals, said Quayle, and according to a 1620 manuscript by Father Pablo Jose Arriaga, they were six times bigger than the men of the day. Another document of that era referred to an excavation in Peru of giant skeletons, and enormous teeth that measured three fingers in width, and four in length.

GMO Bill Update

First hour guest, constitutional lawyer specializing in food and drug law, Jonathan Emord, talked about efforts to quash the first GMO labeling bill, which passed in Vermont. Emord, a co-author of the Vermont legislation, reported that Rep. Mike Pompeo with the encouragement of Monsanto has created a bill (H.R. 1599) that would pre-empt all state laws that require disclosure of GMOs. If it passes the Senate, it will mean that Monsanto and its GMO buyers will be free to include GMOs in almost all foods without ever having to disclose which foods contain them, Emord warned. He suggested that people contact their congressional representatives to vote against this bill.

News segment guests: Robert Zimmerman, Dr. Peter Breggin

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