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Jade Helm/ Ancient Aliens

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In the first half, documentary filmmaker and alternative media activist Alex Jones addressed such topics as Jade Helm 15, the campaign of Donald Trump, and the agenda of the Global Elite. Jones was an early advocate for paying close attention to the military exercise Jade Helm (a multi-state operation, which recently began in Jones' home state of Texas). But, when mainstream media picked up the story, they cited Jones as saying that an imminent martial law/takeover was coming-- a misrepresentation that he believes was done to try and discredit him. Because so much attention was called to Jade Helm, the military has actually downscaled the operation, he reported.

In documents related to Jade Helm, Texas, Utah, and Southern California are listed as hostile areas, and the military has been given the role of taking on various "enemies" classified as "returning veterans, gun owners, libertarians, and conservatives," Jones said, noting that "we are seeing a lot of weird military activity, a lot of COG (continuity of government) drills, and I think it's connected to this build-up of war with Russia, and a build-up for economic collapse, in case that happens." Private corporate globalist interests have taken control of the American government, he added, citing the passage of the secretive TPP trade law as one example of that.


In the latter half, engineering consultant, rogue science author, and contributor to the TV shows "Ancient Aliens" and "Uncovering Aliens," Mike Bara, discussed the latest images of Pluto and Ceres, as well as his research on ancient aliens and secret societies - which may have links to Noah's Ark. NASA was off base on its models for Pluto, which they thought was an ice ball, yet the New Horizons images show a mountain range not dissimilar to something on Earth, he pointed out. In his latest research, Bara looked at information from secret societies who seem to have knowledge from ancient aliens, which he related to Zecharia Sitchin's account of the Anunnaki, said to come to Earth 400,000 years ago.

The sophisticated knowledge and technology of the Anunnaki was meant to be shared with humanity, but got siphoned off by various secret societies to use for their own agendas, Bara postulated. Further, Bara suggested that Sitchin's views of the Anunnaki evolved over the years, and were perhaps most accurately portrayed in his historical novel, The King Who Refused to Die, which was published posthumously in 2013. Bara also talked about his research into the great flood, which he related to the Younger Dryas impact hypothesis-- that a comet or asteroid hit the Earth around 12,000 years ago. In relation to the flood, he investigated different locations in Turkey where the relic of Noah's Ark may exist such as Mount Ararat, and the Durupınar site. For more, check out this set of related images, Bara posted on Facebook.

News segment guests: Jerome Corsi, Howard Bloom

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