Economic Crash/ Science, Death, & Consciousness

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Economic Crash/ Science, Death, & Consciousness

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In the first half, economist specializing in demographics, Harry Dent, talked about the current stock market fluctuations, and his forecast of a major crash. The markets are finally beginning to react to the slowing Chinese economy, which is spilling over into the world economy through commodities prices, he explained, adding that China represents the biggest bubble in history, overbuilding everything just to keep their economy growing. History shows there are downward trends that last 12-15 years, and that's what we're facing in the next decade or so, he contended.

If we don't see a major crash this fall (September is typically the worst time for the stock market), we'll see a rebound, and then a huge downfall in 2016, he predicted. The real estate sector is also headed downward because the large Baby Boomer generation will eventually die off but there won't be enough young people to buy their homes, he reported. Dent advised people to cash out of stocks and real estate, and wait for the crash to happen, and then re-invest at the low point.


In the latter half, futurist and researcher Stephan Schwartz discussed death and consciousness - what science knows about dying, death and survival, and how to help people make the final transition. There's a major interest in death now that the Baby Boomers are getting older, and society is in a period of tremendous flux, he noted. Schwartz described witnessing a near-death experience, when as a boy he tagged along with his father, an anesthesiologist, for a patient's surgery. There was a problem in the operation, and it was stopped. The patient, a teenage girl, later told Schwartz's father that she'd been pulled out of her body, and was able to accurately observe from above, describing what a nurse and doctor were doing outside the operating room, which she would have no way to see.

There is compelling evidence that there's a non-physiological aspect of consciousness that survives death-- "this is the part that has near-death experiences...psychic experiences...religious epiphanies," he remarked. After death, our personality construct continues, such as demonstrated in reincarnational studies, he cited. Schwartz has developed materials to help people facing death, and is hosting the Final Transition Conference this September. In western culture, death is often seen as a failure or defeat of medicine, when it's actually a natural process as inevitable as birth. He also touched on coming earth changes, which will lead to massive migrations as coastal areas become flooded, as well as the power of intention, meditation, and remote viewing.

News guests: Catherine Austin Fitts, William Forstchen, Christian Wilde

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