Geopolitics & Current Events/ Channeled Communications

Geopolitics & Current Events/ Channeled Communications


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsCraig Hulet, Wynn Free

In the first half, analyst of geopolitics and foreign policy Craig B. Hulet discussed the global regime of economic interdependence and how it results in conflicts all over the globe. The global elite and monied interests have been grooming Jeb Bush for the presidency, and are backing him over Hillary Clinton, he suggested. Jeb Bush can raise $3 billion for his campaign, but Trump can't really raise that kind of money, Hulet continued. Hillary is running on her record as a senator, which is weak, he opined, and as Secretary of State, she had major problems, particularly with her efforts to destroy Libya, which ended up backfiring.

The lowering of oil prices is a US plan to rein in Russia, and get them to back off on Ukraine, Syria, and the Middle East, and to capitulate on their growing military alliance with China, India, and possibly South Africa, he remarked, adding that a portion of the global elite despises the free enterprise system. Hulet warned of the increased use of drones such as by the Air Force, and local law enforcement, as well as new drone bases by Africom. "There's now becoming an international forum to discuss whether artificial intelligence and robotics should be weaponized," he cautioned. Hulet also touched on his friendship with the late JFK investigator Jim Garrison, as well as the Pope's upcoming speech on September 24th at the UN, which he believes will reflect the plan of the New World Order.


In the latter half, author, researcher and expert in Edgar Cayce and ancient wisdom, Wynn Free, addressed his ongoing series of dialogues with channeled entities. One of these came through his girlfriend, and identified themselves as part of "Elohim," the creator of the physical universe. He also spoke about the channeling of David Wilcock of the soul group Ra-- composed of hundreds of millions of beings grouped together in higher dimensions, who'd completed reincarnational cycles and were offering messages of wisdom.

Free detailed the work of Carla Rueckert, who channeled the original Ra group (and put together their messages in the book The Law of One). He related the Ra teachings to the spiritual traditions of the ancient Egyptians and their god Amen Ra, as well as made connections to the Anunnaki written of by Zecharia Sitchin. Free holds various conference calls, open to the public, where questions are posed to the channeled entities, and he also cited the work of Dr. Terry Friedman, who claims to channel Matthew, the disciple of Jesus.

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