Lost Cycle of Time/ Secret Technology

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Lost Cycle of Time/ Secret Technology

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In the first half of the program, host Jimmy Church (email) welcomed researcher Jason Martell, who discussed how ancient cultural beliefs were tied to the procession of the equinox and how this concept of a vast cycle of time can inform modern humans about what's coming. Martell referenced Giorgio de Santillana's academic work, Hamlet's Mill, which examined over 30 ancient cultures with an understanding of this lost cycle of time. "There appears to be a much larger cycle of time the ancients were aware of and this cycle somehow... seems to impact the rise and fall of civilization here on Earth," Martell said.

The ancients used a 24,000-year celestial clock based on the 12 Houses of Zodiac to watch time from a vastly broader perspective than their modern counterparts, he explained. According to Martell, this larger framework of time shows us leaving the Iron Age and entering into the Bronze Age—a period marked by technological understanding which lasts for about 2,400 years. Mankind's journey is on an upswing as we head into the Silver Age (where we can do things beyond our consciousness) and the Golden Age (where we'll be able to interpret god), he revealed. "I personally believe the reason why we have these large roller coaster events throughout history, where there seem to be ages of enlightenment and then ages of nothing... there are larger cycles of time in place," Martell noted. He also spoke about his work on the television show Ancient Aliens.


In the latter half, conceptual artist and researcher Mark McCandlish shared his story of working as an illustrator of classified projects for the military-industrial complex. He recounted a tale of intrigue, secrets, and technology, along with detailed information on the physics and technological mechanisms of an Alien Reproduction Vehicle (ARV) with an anti-gravity propulsion system called the "Flux Liner." The story is detailed in a new documentary, ZERO-POINT, directed by late filmmaker James Allen, who McCandlish disclosed died of heavy metal and radioisotope poisoning before finishing his film. The technology revealed in the documentary is real and would revolutionize the transportation and petrochemical industries, as well as make nuclear power obsolete, he suggested.

"You're creating a high voltage electrical discharge that fires through a mercury-filled chamber, and when that discharge occurs it creates a phenomenon that sort of opens up a doorway that allows you to tap into this ambient [zero-point] energy that's in the space-tim all around us," he explained about the workings of the ARV. According to McCandlish, the United States may no longer be in possession of this technology. McCandlish also recalled his 1966 UFO sighting over Westover Air Reserve Base. "I didn't believe at that time that what I saw was from Earth, but in retrospect... it may well have been," he said.

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