Open Lines/ Alien Abduction & Satanic Ritual

Open Lines/ Alien Abduction & Satanic Ritual


HostDave Schrader

GuestsOpen Lines, Joshua Abraham

Filling in for George, Dave Schrader (email) hosted an evening of Open Lines. Donna in San Francisco recounted how she escaped from a dangerous no-hope situation by calling upon the name of Jesus. According to Donna, after her petition a legion of angels appeared behind her to provide protection. Evil plays on fear and makes certain situations appear much bigger than they really are, but fear can be overcome by faith, she explained.

Sojourner in Gainesville, Florida, suggested an alien race of questionable morality is approaching our planet to conduct commerce. They cannot visit Earth without permission and are presently working on an agreement with the Illuminati, he revealed, noting how much members of the secret society want to make the deal. "Once they do we'll get all this technology... and we will become their slaves," Sojourner warned. There are also benevolent alien forces working to show us a different way via telepathic suggestions, he added.

Gloria from Pottstown, Pennsylvania, recalled watching what appeared to be a bright star in the afternoon sky move toward her location until it was close enough to identify as an extraterrestrial craft. A beam of light shot out of it and Gloria remembered being transported instantly inside the ship. One being walked through a two-inch wide opening in the wall and another was at the helm, she reported. Gloria admitted asking the being at the helm, who was dressed in all white, if he was Jesus. "That one looked at me like he wanted to kill me," she said, noting the being who had walked through the wall angrily responded, "Not this one!" Gloria told Dave she was returned to her backyard and then the craft zoomed off into the distance.

Alien Abduction & Satanic Ritual

In the first hour, researcher Joshua Abraham, son of None Dare Call It Conspiracy author Larry Abraham, discussed his work researching the connection between alien abduction and satanic ritual abuse. "Yesterday's demons are today's aliens," Abraham said, pointing out how interdimensional alien entities are really demonic manifestations. According to Abraham, alien or demonic abduction mirrors satanic abduction in several ways since the source for both is the same—demonic.

They take people against their will under cover of night, place them naked on an altar-like table, force sexual intercourse, and perform rituals which inflict enormous pain, he revealed. The abductors also drink the blood of their victims which has been made rich in adrenaline from fear and pain, he added. "The appearance and actions of these things are classic biblical demons," Abraham suggested.

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