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Spirituality & Abundance/ Blood Moons & Prophecy

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In the first half, entrepreneur and author May McCarthy, who has founded and grown several successful companies in a variety of industries, talked about how to develop spirituality to thrive in business and life. She outlined a set of spiritual steps for achieving your financial goals. The first four steps can be dealt with by setting aside a half-hour in the morning for a "meeting agenda" with your "spiritual partner"-- the all knowing force in the universe that will guide you toward your goal. Spend five minutes reading something inspiring, then write out a gratitude letter to your spiritual partner (whatever you want to name it) for everything that you're grateful for, and everything that you want, as though you've already received it-- this impresses your subconscious to look for opportunities to make your goals come true, she explained.

You also should use an imaging technique to picture yourself with the goal already realized, she said. Then, throughout the day, be on the lookout for intuitional leads or steps from your spiritual partner to attain what you want. At the end of the day, get rid of anything "that is taking up space within you that is not serving you," she added. You have to have a balance in all areas of your life to feel abundant, and if someone is making money just for money's sake, they may ultimately be unhappy even if they are rich, McCarthy pointed out.


In the latter half, Pastor Mark Biltz of El Shaddai Ministries in Washington state spoke about 'blood moons' and decoding signs from the heavens. We are in the midst of a very rare time frame where four successive lunar eclipses (blood moons) are occurring within a year and a half period, and they're falling on the dates of biblical holidays through this September. Biltz believes these astronomical events are prophetic and could indicate war is coming to Israel and the Middle East, as well as an economic breakdown or collapse of the dollar. On the night of September 27th going into the 28th, the final blood moon takes place-- it's being called a Super Blood Moon, as the moon happens to be closest to Earth and will appear 14 to 20% larger than normal.

Biltz said he plans to be in Jerusalem for the final Super Blood Moon. He suggested that the sun and moon are used by God as prophetic timepieces or signals because they can be understood in any language. If nothing calamitous happens around this time, then we have another seven years "because I really believe that the Tribulation has to begin in the first year of the Shemitah cycle," he explained. However, Biltz expects we will see some major world changing event, such as a prophetic war involving Israel, coming soon after this final blood moon.

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