Antelope Die-Off, Holographic Greys, Remote Viewing ETs

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Antelope Die-Off, Holographic Greys, Remote Viewing ETs

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Earthfiles investigative reporter, Linda Moulton Howe discussed a mass die-off of about 180,000 Saiga antelopes in Kazakhstan since May 2015; massage therapists having similar experiences where they saw a thin, grey body with large head and black eyes emerge from the human on the table; a recently discovered Controlled Remote Viewing session about the famous December 1980 Rendlesham Forest Incident; and other remote viewer insights about non-human intelligences and ET locations on Earth.

In her first report, Linda spoke with Dr. Richard Kock from the Royal Veterinary College of the University of London regarding the massive Saiga antelope die-off in Kazakhstan. He observed that since the disease which killed these animals "emerged extremely rapidly in unconnected populations," it is likely related to environmental factors rather than a conventional infectious illness. Kock also noted that the disease is particularly unique and troubling because it has a stunning 100% mortality rate. Based on investigations into two separate populations of dead antelope, he surmised that bacteria, possibly turned virulent due to temperature changes, were the cause of the die-off. Given that there are now only about 15,000 Saiga antelope left in existence, Kock conceded that there is "a very big possibility" that the animals could go extinct sometime this century. More here.

Next, Linda shared her conversation with massage therapist Cinde Shilf, who recounted her bizarre experience seeing a client holographically shift from human to grey alien and then back to human again. According to Shilf, her client initially appeared to be a typical patron at the high end Chicago spa where she worked. However, as the massage progressed, she found herself thinking of a grey alien and inexplicably thought to herself that perhaps the woman was an ET. Just as this crossed her mind, Shilf said, "it's almost like a glitch happened" and it appeared as if an electrical field around the woman dissipated to reveal a grey alien. As Shilf realized what was happening and tried to process the experience in her mind, the client's cell phone emitted a jarring alarm-like sound which caused the electrical field to solidify and the woman to appear as a human once again. Further info.

For her final two segments, Linda presented her interview with remote viewer Lyn Buchanan, who provided numerous insights about extraterrestrials which were deduced from his RV sessions. He recalled remote viewing the infamous 1980 Rendlesham Forest UFO incident while serving as part of the government's Project Star Gate program and determining that the craft served as an incubator for ETs. Buchanan also revealed that he had been tasked with studying the UFO case files that were deemed too undeniable to be included in Project Blue Book with the specific purpose of deciphering the psychic abilities of the ETs. During the conversation, Buchanan also imparted additional revelations, including a secret technological trade agreement between aliens and humans as well as what his remote viewing sessions have shown Earth to look like in 2050. More here and here.

Dreams & Premonitions

In the first hour, hypnotherapist, speaker, and founder of Dream-Life Coach Training, Kelly Sullivan Walden, talked about dreams and premonitions. She marveled that, since most people do not have strong recollections of their dreams, they "don't realize how much of life we get to experience when we are dreaming." To that end, she explained that the dream state can allow for "amazing journeys" featuring interactions with departed loved ones and insights into future events. Beyond that, she said that even unpleasant dreams may contain encoded wisdom which could allow people to overcome troublesome situations in their life. Walden also provided a number of techniques which can help strengthen dream recollection as well as better utilize these experience to derive information for solving problems.

News segment guests: Gary Ridenour, Steve 'Dr.Sky' Kates, & Peter Davenport

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