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Guest host Jimmy Church (email) welcomed historian and researcher Richard Dolan for a discussion on the increasingly hostile climate for whistleblowers and the role disclosure will play in the future of the United States as well as updates on UFOs in Russia and China. "We're dealing with a phenomenon that is operating at a level that is beyond our normal level and so we struggle to comprehend it," Dolan commented when asked about his role in ufology and the difficulties inherent in the study of UFOs. Many so-called whistleblowers are distractions and provide nothing other than a good story, he continued, noting how the Web has allowed anyone to chime in on the topic and copy and paste the latest rumors.

Dolan touched on the importance of distinguishing between facts and speculation when examining the accounts of whistleblowers. He pointed to 'UFO Hacker' Gary McKinnon as an example of a whistleblower whose story is likely trustworthy. Typically, true whistleblowers are prosecuted, especially in the U.S. under the last two presidents, Dolan revealed, calling into question accounts of so-called whistleblowers who are able to actively and openly speak out. Dolan suggested U.S. intelligence uses disinformation agents. "If I were a government agent and I wanted to lay waste to the UFO research field and cause distraction away from real issues... I would absolutely be bringing people in to talk about outlandish secret space programs that have no credibility really in the public's mind," he said.

Dolan discussed Russia's Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, who has claimed to receive classified information on extraterrestrials visiting the planet and the Russian secret service which handles controlling them. He mentioned World Chess President and former president of the Russian Republic of Kalmykia, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, who has gone public with his own account of alien abduction. Dolan connected the government's covering up of UFOs to the potential end of the oil economy. "These craft cannot possibly be using petroleum to transport themselves, which means, implicitly, in the end of the UFO cover-up is the end of the petroleum era," he proposed. Russia and the U.S. stand to lose much if that happens, Dolan revealed. While Russia does seem more open than the U.S., he does not see them disclosing the truth about UFOs any time soon. Doland also reflected on Chinese UFO accounts and how they are likely only the tip of the iceberg.

The remainder of the program featured Open Lines.

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