UFOs as Psi Phenomena/ The UFO Cover-Up

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UFOs as Psi Phenomena/ The UFO Cover-Up

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In the first half of the program, George Knapp was joined by Dr. Eric Ouellet, professor of Defense Studies at the Royal Military College of Canada, who presented his hypothesis that UFO experiences are the result of large-scale, unconscious, psychic forces. Ouellet explained that his concept is derived from parapsychological research into poltergeists which revealed that such events appear to follow a distinct arching pattern. In turn, Ouellet applied the model to UFO waves as well as individual cases and "found that it fits quite well with the data." He stressed that the parapsychological approach to the paranormal argues that unexplained phenomena are the result of psychic forces rather than a sentient 'other.' Therefore, he mused, "we may be the ones causing some of the UFO events."

During his appearance, Ouellet detailed how his parapsychological hypothesis can be applied to a number of classic UFO cases, such as the Washington, DC, UFO wave of 1952 as well as a major series of sightings in Belgium in the 1990's. In both cases, he suggested that underlying and unspoken social tensions give rise to UFO sightings much in the same way that researchers believe that the angst of a teenager creates poltergeist phenomena in a 'haunted' home. He also noted that, in the vast annals of paranormal literature, the sheer variety of entities reported to have been seen suggests that the planet is being visited by "millions of different species." Given the unlikelihood of such a scenario, he opined, perhaps this array of observations is due to the individualized mental projections and unique personal interpretations of the witnesses.


In the latter half of the program, retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel and UFO investigator, Kevin Randle, discussed his extensive research into the phenomenon, and shared his thoughts on a variety of facets surrounding the UFO mystery as well as the challenges of studying such an enigmatic topic. "To understand the totality of the phenomenon, you almost have to focus on a small part of it," he mused, noting that the subject has become increasingly complex as a litany of peripheral phenomena are often ascribed to UFOs such as crop circles and abductions. Randle also advised revisiting the older reporting of UFO events because mistakes are often made that then, in turn, get re-told in subsequent research projects on the subject. To that end, he cited a particularly sensational Brazilian case which, upon further review years later, fell apart when it was shown that the witnesses to the event did not exist.

Regarding government interest in the phenomenon, Randle observed that, although there have been a many official studies of UFOs, "a lot of it has been more public relations than actual scientific endeavor." The goal of these projects, he opined, is to dissuade public interest in the subject rather than solving the mystery of phenomenon. As to why the cover-up of UFOs continues to this day, Randle surmised that the "best evidence is in the hands of the United States" and other governments are pressured to maintain the secrecy surrounding the subject or misled about the strength of that evidence. Additionally, he posited that UFOs may actually be a less pressing issue for world governments than one might think, because the phenomenon has existed for decades and posed no threat to the planet while other tangible and immediate concerns have come to the forefront.

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