Paranormal Events/ Whitey Bulger

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Paranormal Events/ Whitey Bulger

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In the first hour, George Knapp welcomed ex-military law enforcement officer, Troy Hudson, who shared his thoughts on Bigfoot on the eve of the annual Sasquatch festival in Honobia, Oklahoma. Hudson recalled his own encounter with the elusive creature on a Boy Scout campout in 1982, when he witnessed a tall, dark figure moving along a creek bank. A woman with property next to the camping area also claimed to have seen Bigfoot, he added. Hudson discussed related Native American folklore and suggested Bigfoot have their own language and live together as a tribe. "If you see evidence where you have a language, they walk upright... they're seen to have with children, and if their generational, that still refers to me as a people," he said.

Second hour guest, reporter Lee Speigel, reflected on the 40th anniversary of a dramatic UFO event that took place in Lumberton, North Carolina, and became the first multiple-witness encounter of an unknown triangle or boomerang craft. Speigel was one of those witnesses. It was a clear, starry night with no moon, he recalled, noting how animals in the area had been disturbed by a set of lights alternating red and white across the field. According to Speigel, the lights hovered above his group allowing them to clearly see the triangular shape of the object. It shot a beam down in front of us then pulled it back, turned an amber color, and silently flew away, he reported. Speigel said he followed it and spoke with other eyewitnesses along the way, including a police officer who apparently communicated with the craft using a flashlight.

During the latter half of the program, Kevin Weeks, former top lieutenant to James "Whitey" Bulger, head of the South Boston Irish Mob, shared his story of murder, friendship and loyalty within the mob, and why he thinks the new film based on Bulger, Black Mass, is mostly fiction. We didn't talk to each other like is portrayed in the movie, Weeks explained. If you did, you'd probably have been killed, he added. Weeks described Bulger as an intelligent, well-read, disciplined, and extremely violent man. He recalled his first few days working for Bulger, who paid him $6000 for beating up two people.

Weeks revealed how Bulger's organization would pay off connections in law enforcement to gain information which helped them avoid prosecution and identify members of the organization who needed to be silenced. Bulger was into gambling, loan-sharking, and shaking down (marijuana and cocaine) drug dealers, Weeks explained. Everyone paid or they were out of business, he added, noting Bulger's threat to dealers who balked a paying him: "You can always make more money but you only have one life." Weeks estimated Bulger killed at least 36 people, including Deborah Hussey who was strangled by the mob boss. "I went downstairs and dug the hole, and that's where she was buried," he admitted.

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