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Host Richard Syrett presided over an evening of Open Lines which featured callers sharing their thoughts on topics such as Mars, the legalization of drugs, and alternative energy as well as stories about ET interaction and ghostly encounters. Jim in Ohio, who described himself as a "semi-retired law enforcement officer," endorsed legalizing drugs in order to both generate money from taxes and to also curb crime. Should such regulations come into effect, he suggested that people could simply purchase their drugs at a pharmacy once they reach a legal age. Based on his experience in law enforcement, Jim argued that drug users already obtain their narcotics regardless of the laws currently in place, therefore the government ought to profit from this behavior rather than spend money trying to police it.

Later in the program, Jenna in San Francisco reflected on her life as an ET experiencer and posited that interactions with aliens are far more nuanced than the mainstream depiction of alien abductions suggests. According to her experiences, she said, the phenomenon seems to have more of an astral or spiritual component to it rather than being a purely physical interaction and that these events can actually be positive for a person. "I know that a lot of people want to think it's some evil alien agenda and I really don't think it's that," she opined, revealing that her first encounter with ETs constituted a "kind of healing from a past life." In light of her encounters, she called for abduction researchers to listen more carefully to experiencers like her in order to gain a deeper insight into this multi-faceted phenomenon.

Linda in Bakersfield, California called into the program to discuss her work "drawing and painting the Book of Revelation for forty years." This undertaking, she said, was fueled by a message from God, who told her to ignore others' commentary on the Bible and, instead, focus on simply what is written in the text. Her latest piece, which she has been working on for the last two years, is of the infamous pale horse. Linda lamented that it is "not a pleasant scene because the pale horse drags hell behind it." Other callers during the evening included Carol in Bismark, who talked about urban legends that there are ancient giants buried in North Dakota, and Isabella from Hollywood, who recalled her harrowing experience overcoming homelessness.

Political Outsiders

In the first hour, political scientist Joel Skousen talked about how the rise of Republican outsiders like Donald Trump and Ben Carson threaten the plans of the establishment. He suggested that the overwhelming media coverage of Trump early in his campaign was actually orchestrated in order to denigrate the issue of immigration by connecting it to his outlandish statements about the issue. However, he observed that it appears that this plan backfired because Trump's popularity has only increased since, much like Carson, he is a political outsider threatening the status quo in Washington. Nonetheless, Skousen claimed that the agenda behind the 2016 presidential election is to place an establishment-controlled Republican in the White House and, therefore, neither Trump nor Carson will be allowed to become elected president because they will not act at the behest of the 'powers that be.'

Due to technical difficulties, guest Patrick Fox Chouinard only appeared briefly during the second hour. He will be rescheduled for a later date.

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