Accessing the Akashic Records/ Agenda 21

Hosted byRichard Syrett

Accessing the Akashic Records/ Agenda 21

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In the first half, Richard Syrett was joined by Douglas James Cottrell, a spiritual master who teaches people how to connect with their inner power. He spoke about his methodology, what he calls "quantum meditation," in which he goes into a trance state and is able to give readings for clients, particularly related to health issues. Cottrell said he developed the technique after studying with Ross Peterson, a Canadian trance medium whose work was similar to Edgar Cayce. Cottrell explained that the information from his readings (which he doesn't generally remember when he comes out of trance) are derived from the Akashic Records, a kind of super-consciousness made up of all the minds "that have been, are now, and will be."

In the second hour, assisted by his son Douglas Cottrell Jr., Cottrell went into a trance state and answered questions from Richard and callers. Among his insights: Donald Trump (with possibly Ben Carson as his running mate) will be the Republican candidate but will be defeated by Hillary Clinton. Our planet will not face an extinction threat by an asteroid, but North America will endure dramatic earth changes, with much of the Western US and East Coast flooded or submerged. He does not see a Planet X wreaking havoc, but suggested there could be dangers associated with gravitational forces when the planets in our solar system line up in a V-shape formation. For more, check out this mini-documentary on Cottrell's life and work.


In the latter half, Rosa Koire, executive director of the Post Sustainability Institute, explained why Agenda 21, a United Nations plan to control all land, water, and resources, is bad news for the world. The plan includes creating an inclusive inventory, as well monitoring, and assessment and "bringing all systems of the world in alignment with one another, so they can be managed, controlled, and surveilled," she outlined. Part of this control involves increased restrictions and obstacles to owning private property, she added.

The ultimate goal of Agenda 21 is the elimination of the nation state and the assembling of "a totalitarian coporatocracy across the world," she asserted. Trade agreements like the Trans-Pacific Partnership are the stepping stones to activating the agenda, abandoning borders and jurisdictions and serving as an interim measure to transfer power to city-states or mega-regions, she continued. The agenda can be observed locally with such things as "high density urban mixed use development," where people live clustered together, and property is thought of as commonly shared rather privately owned, Koire said. She pointed to the organization ICLEI as an implementation arm of Agenda 21, and suggested citizens try to oust them from their municipality, if they're associated with it.

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