Natural Remedies/ Decline of America

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Natural Remedies/ Decline of America

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In the first half, Dr. Peter Glidden, a naturopathic physician and lecturer, discussed the body and its ability to benefit from natural healing instead of modern medicine. He detailed various natural remedies and supplements that can aid in the body's recovery of many ailments that affect us today. We don't have a free medical market in the United States-- your medical doctor may be a good person but they only know what they've been trained in, which is just one piece of the health puzzle, he asserted. "We have become...socialized into believing that the medical doctor owns the secret decoder ring to all things medical and everybody else practices substandard alternative back-of-the-bus medicine," which is just nonsense, he continued.

He listed a number of foods to stop eating, including grains such as wheat, barley, rye, and oats (which contain gluten), all bottled oils, fried foods, well-done meats, and carbonated beverages with a meal (the carbon dioxide interferes with digestion). He commended a caller who ate a vegan diet, yet cautioned him that he still needs to get mineral supplementation, as the soil where the produce is grown doesn't contain all the necessary nutrients. Glidden connected the problem of obesity to people eating foods with low nutritive quality, and thus they keep eating more, trying in vain to get what the body needs.


In the latter half, historian and managing editor of World Net Daily, David Kupelian talked about his latest work examining the strange turns the USA has made over the past few decades. He argues that Utopian revolutionaries have turned America's most cherished values literally upside down-- to the point that madness is celebrated and normality demonized. As an example of how the country is out of control, he cited that out of a population of 325 million, over 130 million Americans are now dependent on mind-altering substances, legal or illegal, just to get through life, and there are 110 million who've contracted sexually transmitted diseases.

Kupelian placed blame on the progressive Left (which he believes dominates key institutions) for a lot of the disintegration in values. He proposed a variety of personal and political solutions to reclaiming values, including bringing in new leadership, reducing the size of the government, abolishing the Federal Reserve and the IRS, abandoning political correctness, protecting children from the culture, survival preparedness, healthy diet and exercise, meditation, and rising above anger.

News segment guests: John M. Curtis, Jerome Corsi

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