Shemitah Cycle/ Mysteries of the Pyramids

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Shemitah Cycle/ Mysteries of the Pyramids

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In the first half, historian and expert in ancient mysteries, Jonathan Cahn, offered an update on the cycle of Shemitah, which was originally described in the Bible. Its pattern of sevens has predicted events such as 9/11, and the Great Depression, and could foretell the fall of America, he warned. According to Israel's ancient history, the Shemitah can be a sign of judgment when the people turn away from God or a marker of calamity, he detailed. Cahn contends that this seven-year cycle still affects our lives, as witnessed by various calamities that have fallen in Shemitah years-- most recently the crash of 2007-8.

Every seven Shemitah cycles (49 years) there is a Super-Shemitah cycle-- which began this September and will run through September 2016. Cahn expressed concern that this cycle will involve Israel and war, possibly with prophetic 'End Times' aspects. He also believes there are nine signs or harbingers reappearing in America that correlate with the last days of ancient Israel. One of the signs is an act of desecration, which he sees playing out in American society and culture.


In the latter half, author D.B. Stearns discussed his fascination with the mystery of the advanced engineering used in the Great Pyramid of Giza, which he incorporated into his new sci-fi novel. Ours is not the first highly advanced or technological society to inhabit the planet, he contended, suggesting the pyramid makers may have used a kind of harmonic resonance or sound technology to move or levitate the giant stone blocks. This kind of science is being explored today in "cymatic experiments," he reported. Ed Leedskalnin of Coral Castle was said to use stones shaped like ice cream cones to direct energy and float huge blocks of coral, he added.

The main purpose of the Great Pyramid was not as a tomb, he suggested. The quartz content of the granite blocks could act as a type of a chime resonating in tune with the nearby obelisks which became like Tesla coils, and that's how they would have generated their electrical grid, he postulated. Stearns also talked about the plot lines in his book (which is planned to be a trilogy), involving a multidimensional war and guardians of crystal skulls.

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