Dulles & JFK Assassination/ Symbols & Synchronicity

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Dulles & JFK Assassination/ Symbols & Synchronicity

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In the first half, David Talbot, founder of Salon and author, discussed new evidence that connects Allen Dulles – the CIA’s legendary director – to the assassination of Pres. Kennedy and the cover-up of the crime. After Dulles was fired by JFK in 1961, he continued to operate as though he was head of the agency, meeting with operatives who were part of the CIA assassination team that he assembled to kill Fidel Castro and other foreign leaders. Some of these agents such as William Harvey were brought to Dallas in November 1963 and were subsequently identified as leading suspects in the killing of the president by the House Select Committee on Assassinations and other investigators.

Dulles, a bitter enemy of JFK, was selected to be on the Warren Commission, and managed to deflect any attention away from the CIA and FBI and their possible involvement in the assassination, or association with Lee Harvey Oswald, Talbot cited. The catalyst for the assassination among military circles, he continued, was the Cuban Missile Crisis, and Kennedy's failure to take out Castro. Oswald was definitely a patsy, and had the fingerprints of US intelligence all over him, Talbot suggested. Shortly before he was killed, Oswald made a phone call from jail to his US intelligence contact, and had to be taken out after that, he surmised. Talbot also talked about Dulles' role in shaping the current national security state, and developing mind control programs.


In the latter half, pioneer of Active Dreaming, an original synthesis of shamanism and modern dream work, Robert Moss spoke about his latest work on how to use signs, symbols and synchronicity to enhance daily life. He revealed methods to tap into the secret logic of events, and receive extraordinary counsel. One such method or game is what he calls "Sidewalk Tarot"-- the idea that the world is dealing you cards with messages and meanings in all sorts of ways. To play, you can ask for guidance on an issue you're facing in your life, or just let the world put out a theme to you-- perhaps based on the first three things you see in a 10-minute period that are unusual or unexpected.

Moss shared a concept he invented called "kairomancy," which he defined as the practice of navigating by synchronicity. He derived the term from Kairos, the Greek god of fleeting or opportune moments, and mancy which refers to divination. A "kairomancer" is someone who is open to these special moments and takes advantage of them, he explained. "We live in the speaking land," the Australian Aborigines have said, and what they mean by this is that everything is alive and conscious, and trying to communicate to us, including the departed, Moss remarked. He also discussed the connections between dreams and synchronicities, and how people can experience parallel lives and timelines in the dream state. For more, check out this video "Dreaming with the Departed."

News segment guests: Frosty Wooldridge, Dr. Martha Grout

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