Illuminati & Hip Hop/ Death and the Afterlife

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Illuminati & Hip Hop/ Death and the Afterlife

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In the first half, American rapper and spoken word artist Professor Griff, expressed his belief that the Illuminati have taken over hip hop and uses music and popular culture as mind control over society. He's determined to bring an understanding of who the enemy is and how they're waging a cultural war to degrade and disenfranchise African-Americans and youth culture as a whole. He also talked about hip hop culture in general, and his role as a founding member and "Minister of Information" of the revolutionary hip hop group, Public Enemy, which was formed in the 1980s.

Hip hop music is a kind of gumbo of jazz, rap, R & B, rock, gospel, and poetry, and includes such elements as DJing, MCing, break dancing, and graffiti, he explained. He addressed black-on-black crime and related it to life in the Projects, where destructive forces have traditionally reigned. The death of rapper Tupac Shakur could have been part of a government plot to assassinate him, and there is evidence that the FBI infiltrated the organizations of Martin Luther King and the Black Panthers, Griff said. Further, there are subliminal messages in cartoons and movies that are designed to emasculate the black male, he said. Regarding Illuminati plots, he believes the late singer Aaliyah was killed as part of a "blood sacrifice."


In the latter half, prolific author Cliff Pickover, who received his PhD from Yale University’s Department of Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry and holds over 250 US patents, discussed the subject of death, how humanity has dealt with it over the ages, and what it will mean in the quantum age. The Stone Age Natufian culture, which dates back to 11,000 BCE, had specialized graves, and may have been among the first peoples to believe in an afterlife, he reported. In America, the year 1831 marked the building of the first large park-like cemetery, which became the standard locale for burying the dead in this country. As technology advances, Pickover pondered what cemeteries and headstones of the future might comprise-- will they include digital representations of the deceased?

Addressing the concept of Quantum Resurrection, he noted that even after all the stars have died out trillions of years in the future, there will still be residual energy and random fluctuations in space, leading to tiny particles popping into existence and possibly the formation of new life. Pickover spoke about Cotard's Syndrome, a bizarre medical condition in which people believe they have lost organs and died, and are now existing simply as walking corpses. He also touched on such topics as heaven and hell, cryonics, reincarnation, and immortality. For more, check out images he shared with us.

News segment guests: Cal Orey, Lauren Weinstein

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