Talking to the Dead

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Talking to the Dead

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Whether you believe it or not, paranormal researcher Steve Huff says you can talk to the dead. He joined guest host Connie Willis (email) to discuss how he communicates with spirits using the latest technology. "Today we can sit here and fire up any number of apps or software, or physical boxes, or even just record and get voices, get words, get phrases, get sentences, and on rare occasions you can almost have a conversation," he said. Though he cannot confirm he is actually talking to the dead, Huff noted the bulk of communications come from intelligent entities claiming to be lost souls, or spirits who are stuck.

Huff spoke about technological advancements in the field of spirit communications, including boxes which have the capability of giving full sentence replies in same voice over multiple scans, and software that scans Internet radio and avoids the static of traditional AM/FM stations. He described a piece of technology he calls The Portal which is comprised of a small guitar amp and pedals, and can enhance spirit communication. According to Huff, replies can occur in real-time though most (about 80%) spirit voices are heard during playback.

Huff also shared audio clips of him communicating with entities from the other side. In a recording captured by his app, The Impossible Box, a voice can be heard saying, "Let there be light," followed by another spirit whispering, "Wow." In a clip taken in his backyard using the same app, a young female voice informs Huff, "You do realize we can hear you." He played a clip captured by his SCD-1 device in which he can be heard asking, "Are you a nice spirit?" followed by the voice of an older man saying, "Always." Huff warned not to use devices to speak with the dead at home, as they act like a super-powered Ouija Board, attracting all kinds of spirits to the residence.

Travis Walton's Abduction

In the first hour, Travis Walton talked about his experience and provided an update on his ET abduction case. He reported on an appearance at the Skyfire Summit (the conference commemorating the 1975 Walton UFO incident) by the sheriff’s deputy who was the first to meet with crew after they returned from the woods without Walton. The deputy's impression was something terrible had just happened and the men were not lying about what they had witnessed, Walton explained.

He reported on tree ring research which showed trees nearest the UFO, on the side facing the craft, had grown at many times the previous rate. He also commented on the drug hallucination theory, noting seven people would not have experienced identical hallucinations and no drugs were found in his system. According to Walton, his abduction was not planned but rather an emergency response by the ETs to repair his injuries.

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