The Placebo Effect

The Placebo Effect


HostLisa Garr

GuestsDr. Joe Dispenza, Linda Howe

Guest host Lisa Garr was joined by author and scientist Dr. Joe Dispenza, for a conversation about the practical applications of the so-called placebo effect and how people can personally use "the expectation of a particular outcome" to alter internal states—as well as external reality—solely through the action of the mind. He explained that his research was derived from the idea that if the mechanisms behind the placebo effect could be better understood, then perhaps they could be harnessed as a natural method for healing. Dispenza cited placebo studies which show that the effect is not merely imagined, but rather it actually causes the body to create the chemicals necessary for healing via the belief that treatment is possible and will work.

Dispenza shared his own remarkable story of using mental techniques to heal himself after a brutal accident which broke six vertebrate in his spine. Rather than undergo an arduous surgery to repair the damage, he opted instead to attempt heal himself using his mind. This process, he recalled, involved visualizing how his vertebrate should be reconstructed and then surrendering the process over to the nervous system of his body which would be able to perform such a feat. Additionally, he focused on never allowing doubts about the process to creep into his mind. After about six and a half weeks, he began to see improvement in his ability to concentrate on his healing which, in turn, sped up the process and he started to see significant changes in his health. Amazingly, he said, "in ten and a half weeks, I was back on my feet."

Based on his research, Dispenza pointed to four "pillars of healing" which appear to be key factors that were shared by those who have healed themselves. First, he said, is the belief that there is an intelligence within the body that regulates how it operates and that this can be given a veritable set of instructions aimed at healing. Beyond that, Dispenza observed, is an acknowledgement that lifestyle mismanagement, primarily centered around an overabundance of stress, is responsible for ill health. This leads to an understanding that the person needs to reinvent themselves, which spawns brain activity that places the mind into a future situation and, in turn, drives the body to synch with this idealized perception.

Akashic Records

In the first hour, spiritual teacher Linda Howe talked about the Akashic Records and her work reading them. "The record itself is a vibrational archive of the soul and it's journey," she contended, noting that this chronicle only applies to the activity of the human soul on the Earthly realm, but also contains a tremendous amount of information about past lives. According to Howe, when she accesses this information, it generally manifests itself as "a sense of knowing" which feels like it emerges from the heart. Among those who read the Akashic Record, she said, the vast majority of them experience this type of insight while a much smaller percentage see visions and a select few even hear sounds.



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