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Overpopulation/ Energy Healing

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In the first half, Prof. Paul R. Ehrlich discussed his work on population theory and mass extinction. He argues that many species of birds and mammals are being annihilated due to the human population explosion, along with commercial endeavors and the continuing development of natural areas. "Every person you add to the planet adds more greenhouse gases to the atmosphere and so worsens climate disruption. Every person you add to the planet, means we have to grow more food...and the biggest enemy of the climate is agriculture-- about 30% of the greenhouse gases...come from our food system," he noted. We're running out of soil, and toxifying the entire planet, he added.

A huge variety of creatures are being eliminated under current conditions. For example, he cited how the orange-bellied parrot in Australia is disappearing largely because of habitat destruction, passenger pigeons in North America, that once numbered in the millions, are now extinct due to hunting, and many types of bats, which eat a lot of problematic insects, are dwindling down in numbers. Ehrlich estimated that the human population is 4-6 times too high, and for the planet to be able to support us, we should have no more than 2-3 billion people. For those interested in fostering change, and making the Earth more sustainable, he suggested getting involved with the organization MAHB (The Millennium Alliance for Humanity and the Biosphere).


In the second half, expert in hypnosis and time travel, Dr. Bruce Goldberg, talked about energy healing through hypnosis, ascension and teleportation, and how we can safely travel to and return from the fifth dimension (out-of-body) for our own spiritual growth and healing. A healing technique that he calls the Superconscious Mind Tap (view related graphic), involves introducing the subconscious mind to its higher self counterpart. The cause of problems like anxiety and depression ultimately stem from the energy level of the soul, and during dream states, healing and adjustments can take place, he suggested.

Goldberg believes that psychic attacks originate in the lower astral realms, and can occur in nightmares or disturbing dreams. By using the Superconscious Mind Tap, soul healing is able to eliminate these kinds of negative encounters, he maintained (further details of the technique are here). He also touched on his personal teleportation experiences, and the use of "etheric plane surgery" in which healing may be transferred from the etheric or spiritual body to the physical body.

News segment guests: John M. Curtis, James Sanders, Steve Kates

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