Effects of Electromagnetic Fields/ Trends & Current Events

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Effects of Electromagnetic Fields/ Trends & Current Events

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In the first half, medical journalist Katie Singer who works on public policy with the Electromagnetic Radiation Policy Institute was joined by Dr. Victoria Dunckley to discuss how electromagnetic fields, like Wi-Fi and mobile phone networks, may be related to various psychological and physical issues, especially in children. As a child psychiatrist, Dr. Dunckley has looked into the dangers of screen-time/ wireless exposure and developed a protocol for a temporary "electronic fast" that has been shown to reduce various problems. This three-week fast can re-synchronize the body clock, reset the brain chemistry, lower stress hormones, lead to better sleep, and help make an accurate diagnosis possible, Dunckley explained.

Since the FCC isn't doing it, Singer advocated that we teach children to regulate their cell phone usage. One suggestion she made is to consider the cell phone a voice messaging device-- when carrying it around, turn it off and set an alarm for every two hours when the phone can be turned back on to check for messages. This would greatly reduce exposure to constant electromagnetic radiation, she noted. Another simple technique people can experiment with is to turn the Wi-Fi off at home for 12 hours a day, or at least while you sleep, Singer added.


In the latter half, founder and director of the Trends Research Institute, Gerald Celente, offered analysis of the current geopolitical situation, and what he sees on the horizon for the economy. 20 years ago, he warned about "the New Crusade," in which politically repressed and impoverished Muslim masses will rise up against their corrupt and inefficient secular governments, and look to charismatic clerics to change their destiny. America has been at war for the last 15 years, and over a million people have been killed in countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Yemen. The upheaval of various governments, such as the Assad regime in Syria, has led to much of the instability and created opportunities for groups like ISIS to evolve, Celente remarked.

While the commodities market is down, the equities market continues to expand, with mergers and acquisitions activity at record levels, due to the low cost of borrowing money. But, he believes that the Federal Reserve will finally raise the interest rate in December-- probably 0.25%, and this could have global effects. "The central banks have taken over the world," – it actually costs people money to put their funds in the bank, he lamented. Celente also previewed a trend he sees coming into its own in 2016, as boomers start turning 70-- "artful aging." This involves aging healthfully, enhanced longevity, and making further advances in one's life rather than declining.

News segment guests: Jerome Corsi, John Lott, Mish Shedlock

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