Kubrick & Faked Moon Footage

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Kubrick & Faked Moon Footage

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Filling in for George, Jimmy Church (email) was joined for all four hours by author and hermetic scholar, Jay Weidner, for a discussion on the release of an alleged interview from March 1999 with filmmaker Stanley Kubrick in which he admits to faking the Apollo 11 moon landing footage. Titled Shooting Stanley Kubrick, the film purports to have been shot in secret by someone named T. Patrick Murray, who is shown signing an 88-page NDA to keep the contents of the interview under wraps for 15 years before speaking with the famous director about his involvement in faking the moon footage. Weidner's work, which supports this premise, is prominently referenced during the interview.

"It's an attempt, in a backhanded way, to discredit my work, to make all the people that are working on this kind of thing look like fools," Weidner said, noting how the interview footage is obviously fraudulent. He expressed confusion over why someone would release this video and simultaneously put out other footage demonstrating it was a hoax, especially after going through the trouble of finding a Kubrick look-alike and training him to speak like the deceased director. Weidner suggested the interview may be part of a disinformation campaign to chip away at the idea that Kubrick directed the moon landing. It may have hit a nerve with the body politic, he added.

Weidner wondered if the interview could be part of a publicity campaign for upcoming movie Moonwalkers, a comedy about staging the moon landing. He called for T. Patrick Murray (or whomever is really behind the video) to cease with the bogus interviews, which only serve to undermine legitimate research into the truth about the hoaxed Apollo moon footage. Weidner also revealed how Kubrick left hints in his films about his role in faking the moon landing. It is especially obvious in The Shining, he said. "Every time that Kubrick deviates from the Stephen King novel, he's relaying information... about what happened to him while he was shooting the Apollo 11 footage," Weidner explained.

News segment guest, Bart Sibrel, director of A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Moon, also commented on the new Kubrick interview. Sibrel briefly outlined why he believes the interview is bogus, as well as why he believes the moon landings were faked. According to Sibrel, the Apollo crew never left Earth orbit, and Kubrick was brought in to help create the counterfeit moon landing footage.

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