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Making Sci-Fi/ Frank Sinatra

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In the first half, writer, producer, and director, Marc Zicree talked about the latest happenings in the entertainment industry and what it takes to break into writing and producing films, and his latest project, a series called Space Command (view trailer), which was partially funded by crowd sourcing. Zicree talked about using an international cast to portray roles in the series, a space saga being shot in 4K on a relatively low budget, which depicts characters over several generations. It's great to be able to green light your own projects without having to seek studio or network approval, he said, adding that it's important for people just starting out in the field to find their own truth, rather than imitating what's already been done.

He discussed the body of work that was created by the late Rod Serling (best known for his anthology series Twilight Zone), as well as the television industry standards he helped to form. Interestingly, Ray Bradbury was one of the people Serling first consulted as he was about to begin Twilight Zone, but the two had a falling out (Zicree recounts the whole story in this video). Zicree also announced his forthcoming ebook, a new edition of his bestselling Twilight Zone Companion, which will include 70 pages of new material, along with links to audio, media, and various rarities.


While he is recognized as one of film's best-known tough guys, Robert Davi, has been winning the respect and admiration of fans, critics and fellow artists with his expressive singing. After working closely with the legendary Frank Sinatra, Robert shared an intimate view of the man and the impact he has had personally, musically, and socially, on the eve of what would have been his 100th birthday. The son of Italian immigrants, Sinatra was one of the few artists to come out strongly against antisemitism and racial bigotry as far back as the 1940s, Davi noted. He was the first popular singer to apply the Italian bel canto technique of music that was used by Enrico Caruso (a beloved opera singer), in which tone and quality of voice are highlighted.

Sinatra was in a way the first 'method' singer, putting his real life and emotions into the music, such as actors like Brando were doing with method acting, Davi further explained. His musical peak started in the mid-1950s with the Capitol Records years that included his work with arranger Nelson Riddle. His songs of this era explored the complexities of loneliness like "In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning," as well as amazing swing songs like Cole Porter's "I've Got You Under My Skin." George played Robert Davi's new swinging version of Pennies from Heaven (released in honor of Frank Sinatra's centennial), as part of a three-song download, the proceeds of which will go to various charitable causes.

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