Astrology & 2016 Predictions/ Genetic Modification

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Astrology & 2016 Predictions/ Genetic Modification

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In the first half, professional astrologer Linda Schurman discussed how world events are tied in with astrological patterns, and shared her predictions about the economy, earth changes, and politics for 2016 and beyond. A recent Saturn square Neptune/opposition Jupiter, in which the planets were in a "tense relationship with one another," took place during the same time as the Paris attacks, an earthquake in Pakistan, and the shootings in San Bernardino, she pointed out. Regarding the election, she foresees a difficult time for Donald Trump, starting January 5th, 2016 when Mars goes into Scorpio, and then follows into Sagittarius in March.

What the US is doing in Iraq against ISIS will be effective enough that the terrorist group will relocate to Libya, she continued. A Uranus/Pluto square separation could be a period when the US is vulnerable to cyberattacks, Schurman noted, adding that her concern over climate change remains high. The economy is going to be "re-engineered" by 2017, "and we're going to be in shock as to how our lives are going to change," she cautioned. On the plus side, by 2020, we're going to have hydrogen fusion, which is the "holy grail" of energy production-- it will make obsolete the production of all fossil fuel, she enthused.


In the latter half, bestselling author James Rollins talked about his research into the human genome, DNA, and the latest in genetic modification of humans, which he incorporated into his new thriller, The Bone Labyrinth. One of the characters in the novel, a genetically modified gorilla, allowed him to explore intelligence in nonhuman primates. Rollins warned that a certain amount of genetic experimentation in various countries is unregulated, and that several companies want to experiment with altering human DNA at the embryo level. He believes the human genome has perfect symmetry, and that experiments trying to "better" the genome could go horribly awry.

Interestingly, he found out that not only does the human genome contain 2 to 4% that comes from Neanderthal interbreeding, but around 4% that comes from another human offshoot-- the Denisovan tribe, as well as some unknown origins. Our true history is evolving, he noted. Rollins also touched on Neil Armstrong's archaeological expedition to explore mysterious artifacts in a cavern system in the Andes in 1976, and strange lunar anomalies and facts, such as the moon is 400 times smaller than the sun, while also sitting 1/400th the distance between the Earth and the sun.

News guests: Catherine Austin Fitts, Cal Orey, Robert Zimmerman

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