Ceres, Global Warming, Prehistoric Patterns, & Praying Mantis

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Ceres, Global Warming, Prehistoric Patterns, & Praying Mantis

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Earthfiles investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe discussed updates about the dwarf planet Ceres and its anomalies; the Paris climate talks focusing on the significance of a 2-4 degree Celsius temperature rise by the end of this century; unexplained patterns that extend for kilometers-long in the Middle East; and a bizarre human-"praying mantis" ET encounter in Canada. Progress has been made with spectroscopes about what the bright lights on Ceres such as at Occator crater might be. It's believed they're magnesium salts, which suggests there's a briny ocean underground that has erupted, provoking even more questions about the physics of Ceres. Linda spoke with Dawn Mission Director Marc Rayman who noted that some 130 bright regions have been spotted so far on Ceres, and all seem to be associated with impact craters. He also talked about Ceres' Ahuna Mons mountain that stands 4 miles high, and could be a kind of cryovolcano. More here.

In her second segment, Linda interviewed Kevin Trenberth, a scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research. He pointed out that even with a substantial worldwide effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (which could take up to 20 years), the natural climate system of the planet is slow to respond because the oceans have a tremendous amount of inertia. A 4-degree Celsius rise would lead to longer droughts, as well as more frequent and devastating floods, he warned, adding that the US Defense Department is concerned that climate change is going to have a major destabilization effect. Further info.

Thousands of prehistoric stone patterns with strange "keyholes" and "bullseye" shapes have been detected by scientists studying Google Earth images of Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Syria. The shallow lava rock patterns are only a couple of feet high, some dated as far back as 9,000 years, and can only be seen from the air ('wheels' from Jordan are pictured above). Speaking with Prof. David Kennedy from Perth, Australia, he suggested that some of the formations are related to burials where a cairn is erected and built up with additional stones over time when descendants return to the site on a cyclical basis. More.

A TV Director in Toronto, identified as "G.S.," shared his intense encounter with a gigantic "preying mantis" being that he estimated to be between 20 and 30 ft. tall. The interaction took place in what he characterized as a kind of out-of-body experience where he felt himself catapulted through the solar system. Rather than being repulsed by the strange creature, "I was overwhelmed by that warm feeling of connection...the sense of being overwhelmed by love," and that the Mantis understood him at the deepest core of his being. Further details.

Andy Griffith & Don Knotts

First hour guest, author and journalist Daniel de Vise talked about his new book that explores the friendship of Andy Griffith and Don Knotts, and the making of their classic TV show. Don Knotts, who passed away in 2006, was actually de Vise's brother-in-law, and shared many personal stories with him, such as how the character of the "Nervous Man" came to him in a dream, and he used that concept for many of his subsequent beloved comic portrayals, such as Barney Fife in "The Andy Griffith Show." Andy and Don, who were somewhat different in real life than the characters they were known for, had a close working relationship, yet envied each other, de Vise revealed. Knotts won five Emmys for his portrayal of Fife, while Griffith got none. Yet, Griffith was a co-owner of the series and reaped large benefits from the show's success, while Knotts was paid a fixed salary.

News segment guests: Peter Breggin, Peter Davenport

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