Bigfoot, UFOs, and Mysterious Disappearances

Bigfoot, UFOs, and Mysterious Disappearances


HostJimmy Church

GuestsMicah Hanks

Filling in for George, guest host Jimmy Church talked with Micah Hanks, who is representative of a younger generation of researchers with a broad view of the paranormal and its interconnectedness. With an interested but skeptical approach, Hanks says, “What I hope to foster in people is the proper way to go about studying this subject.” For instance, his interest in Bigfoot as a real phenomenon is not dampened by his skepticism regarding the famous 1967 Patterson-Gimlin film, which he says does not provide conclusive proof that the cryptid exists.

Hanks bristles at the designation “Ufologist,” and prefers to call himself a writer and researcher who tries to “find the facts and relate them in reliable and intelligent ways.” He discussed the famous 1978 Fredrick Valentich UFO sighting and aircraft disappearance but discounted the standard explanation that the pilot was disoriented or suicidal. Hanks actually got in touch with Valentich’s girlfriend and found out that the recordings of his last radio transmissions were mysteriously edited before release. He also mentioned historical reports by sailors of ghostly red lights in the same general area of the Australian coast.

Hanks described the MH370 aircraft mystery as “probably the single greatest disappearance of our time.” Although he currently thinks that the plane almost certainly went down somewhere in the Indian Ocean, the fact that the flight data recorder was shut down in mid-flight is one of the more suspicious aspects of the case. One caller brought up the allegation that there were three Chinese scientists on the flight that may have had a patent that was valuable enough to steal. Hanks seriously doubts other scenarios that have been brought up in the past, such as aliens, time travel, or some sort of hijacking.

The last hour of the show featured Open Lines.



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