Mysterious Lighthouse Disappearances

Mysterious Lighthouse Disappearances


HostGeorge Knapp

GuestsKeith McCloskey, Nancy du Tertre

Investigative author Keith McCloskey joined George Knapp to discuss the mysterious disappearance back in 1900 of three lighthouse keepers from Eilean Mor, a small island, off the rocky west coast of Scotland. McCloskey, who has also investigated the Dyatlov Pass mystery, shared the long historical lore and strangeness associated with Eilean Mor's barren and remote location. There are pre-Christian stone structures on the island, and evidence that people were burned in pyres there. A short pygmy-like race of people lived there before the Christians arrived, he noted. These little people could be tied in with the tales of Leprechauns, and there was also lore of sea sprites that killed sailors, and sightings of sea serpents.

After no light had been seen from the Eilean Mor lighthouse in 10 days, reinforcements arrived and found no trace of the three keepers. Their beds were made and the place was neat and tidy, but there was no sign of them on the island either, though three large black birds appeared on the light tower, before flying off. Two of the men's outdoor gear/coats were gone, but one remained. The logbook reported squalls and showers on the morning of their disappearance.

One of the main theories is that one of the keepers was hit by a freak wave and pulled underwater. The second man ran back into the lighthouse to get assistance from the third keeper, who dashed out to help without his coat, and they were then hit by a second wave and all pulled out to sea. Another theory posits that they were accidentally poisoned by mercury or ergot from bread, and suffered some kind of hallucinations that brought about their demise. Some explanations suggest a type of supernatural intervention relating to graves being disturbed on the island. McCloskey also presented an update on the Dyatlov Pass mystery, revealing that an object or bright light in the night sky was found on photographs taken by one of the deceased hikers.

Alien Languages

First hour guest, Nancy du Tertre, a trained psychic detective and a remote viewer, talked about alien communications or exo-linguistics, and the kinds of languages visiting entities might use. Tertre, herself, has experienced a strange set of communications-- interruptions that would occur when she and her daughter were talking over the phone. A cold electronic voice, with distorted sound waves would drown out their conversation and occasionally mention the daughter's name. According to her research, there are apparently ET spacecraft outside our atmosphere devoted to translating Earth languages. Tertre believes there are many different spoken alien languages, and she's heard contactees speak some of them, including one that has a clicking, guttural sound.



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