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2016 Predictions Show

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A New Year's tradition on Coast to Coast AM, George Noory checked in with psychics, seers and sages about their visions for what's in store for 2016. The first hour featured psychic Joseph Jacobs, who predicted a very heavy year ahead. According to Jacobs, Israel will have to deal with militaristic issues from March 23 through May 13, financial markets will bounce up and down, and America may be dealing with losses and temperaments between March 23 and July 3. "I see the United States going through a lot of emotional issues, and ups and downs, he said. The presidential conventions will be plagued by turmoil, he continued, noting Jeb Bush will turn out to be a much stronger candidate than Donald Trump, and Hillary Clinton has a good chance of winning the presidency. Jacobs suggested doing affirmations in lieu of making resolutions for 2016.

During the second hour, psychic Anthony Carr shared some of his predictions for the new year. "Never let your personal biases get in the way of universal truth," he counseled, adding that the best predictions are objective. Carr sees Trump getting the nomination but does not believe he will win the presidency. He reconfirmed one of his earlier predictions about Hillary Clinton becoming the first woman president of the country. Carr foresees pop star Justin Bieber experiencing a cataclysmic event that will destroy his career. The United States will continue to have the most powerful currency in the world, the economy will do better than it has in the past four years, and there will be more terror attacks around the globe, he revealed. Carr also spoke about Houdini, as well as how the biblical story of Jesus' birth was actually describing an extraterrestrial encounter.

In the third hour, mundane astrologer Mark Lerner offered his insights for 2016 and the upcoming Mercury retrograde, which he pointed out is not necessarily going to have a negative impact. Regarding the upcoming presidential nominations, Lerner sees Bernie Sanders winning New Hampshire and Hillary Clinton as a near-lock for the Democratic nominee. Jeb Bush should not be counted out as his astrological chart is fairly appropriate for next four years, and Donald Trump's chart is connected to America's chart, which is why he's been so successful, he explained. According to Lerner, Ted Cruz has a strong connection to election day and will win the Iowa caucuses. Marco Rubio is likely to be a running mate, he added. Lerner also discussed financial astrology and turmoil ahead for the economy.

George talked with psychic healer and spiritual teacher Vincent Genna in the final hour of the show. Genna, who claims to receives communications from the spirit world, warned of a rough year for the United States. He suggested the universe is using Donald Trump to show us the infection afflicting our country, and said he will not get the Republican nomination. No matter who the party runs, Genna anticipates a loss by Republicans in the upcoming presidential election. One can expect the new year to see more weather devastation, minor earthquakes in parts of America where they've not experienced them before, and a strong earthquake in Japan. "Wherever we get the pockets of human negativity that is where you have the most chance of devastation and natural devastation," he said. Genna also foresees an off-shore drilling accident off of west coast.

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